Maternity Insurance- Welcome Your New Born with Health Insurance

Posted by aditya.sehgal
March 7, 2018

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India has a shocking rate of highest infant mortality and maternal mortality rates in the world. The most pathetic part of this ugly fact is that a majority of these deaths happen because the newborn does not receive quality health care services.

It’s ok to understand the plight of health care services in rural or heartland of India, but such things happen in extreme urban areas, it becomes a thing of concern. Yes, the situation is alarming everywhere else in India.

Another reason for such disturbing figure is that many people are also unaware of the many maternity insurance or health insurance especially designed for expecting mothers.

The rise of the insurance industry in India has paved the way for customized health insurance with maternity coverage. There was a time when health insurance service providers did not use to give importance to the need of expecting women.

As a result, there were no provisions to cover newborn babies and pregnant women. An insurance company was of the opinion that these two sectors have a high risk of health care based issues and are no more valid.

Health Insurance with Maternity Coverage Elements

You could find many leading insurance companies in India ICICI Lombard, United India, Apollo Munich, Star Health and more that offers health insurance schemes for pregnant women. Health insurance with maternity coverage covers these following elements such as:

  • Hospitalization expenses before and after delivery

  • Pregnancy-related surgeries

  • Complications related to pre and post-delivery periods

The schemes are typically applicable for deliveries of up to two children. However, it is always advisable to get in touch with your maternity insurance service provider to get updated. It is vital to check because the terms and conditions for such insurances keep changing from time to time, and hence it’s good to be updated.

Any woman who is in the age bracket of 18 and 40 years can avail a maternity insurance policy in India. Once you reach 40 years of age, you can renew the scheme until the age of 45. It means that the entry age is constrained to 40 years.

There are many leading online health insurance with maternity coverage that offers Family Floater Plans. Like this, you can easily make sure that health insurance with maternity coverage comes with coverage for the entire family under one plan.

Yes, you have guessed it right – why should you put your family at risk and not take the advantage of such feature-rich schemes?

The rate of inflation in premium and even in budget hospitals have surged so high that a common man just can’t even dream of availing their services. Hence, any negligence in not managing the financial part of hospitalization may lead to huge effects on your assets and savings.

Yes, when you suddenly face a situation that requires immediate hospitalization, you may have to utilize your assets and savings to pave the way for money in the absence of a health insurance plan. You may also have to borrow from family and friends which you may not like. Even availing a personal loan could be your thought, but even that comes at a very high rate of interest.

Thus, it’s always a smarter move to avail health insurance with maternity coverage if you have a baby on your way and welcome the newborn without indebted.

The Bottom Line

Why not avail the modern day finance option in the form of health insurance with maternity coverage and be ready for health-based financial needs of a new mother? Apply for maternity insurance and live stress-free!

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