Meet Jyoti Tiwari – The Lady With A Propaganda Against Women

Posted by Tamoghna Ghosh in Feminism, Sexism And Patriarchy
March 24, 2018

We have often been exposed to the misinterpretation of the word ‘Feminism’ in recent times. People are confusing Feminism with Misandry. And some like Jyoti Tiwari would go as far as to call them a Satanic cult.

Welcome to the profile of Jyoti Tiwari – a well-known Men’s rights activist and self-proclaimed author. While on one hand I am glad she opened her eyes, and the eyes of a lot of Indians, to the misuse of certain laws by women, and of women playing the victim card, she should have stuck on to that propaganda and not poked her nose into Feminism, which clearly she does not understand. And speaking of propaganda, she does have one: Spreading hatred against women, especially any modern woman (who she unabashedly terms as a Feminist). Her propaganda against women doesn’t end there. She uses the most obnoxious arguments to prove her case, thereby brainwashing the men who follow her feed. In her dystopian world, men do not rape (if only!), all cases registered are false, dowry doesn’t exist, movies like “Pink” and “Padman” are ‘stupid’, basically: Women cause all problems, Women create their own problems, women don’t ‘allow’ men to live!!! Also, did I tell you, she has a special ‘dislike’ for Bengalis? Calling out on any Bengali woman who dares to reply to her posts or messages her. Don’t believe me? Go through her posts yourself.


And so has been the case with me. Reading her feed was so overwhelmingly nauseating, that I felt the need to talk to her, make her understand that even women get affected by the kind of misogynist propaganda she indulges in. While going through her posts, I found this habit of hers of publicising any message/comment against her, and she takes a queer pleasure in victimising herself (lol, notice the IRONY, please)! Hence I warned her at the onset of the message not to make my message public but to hear me out. I had no wish to come out publicly or defame her. But as you can very well see in this post: She disrespected my wish. Not just that, she clearly emphasised only on the beginning of the message: again with an agenda to spread hatred and garner support and did not bother to show the rest of it to the public.  The result: Men bashing me in the comments and in my personal inbox. Congratulations Jyoti Tiwari! Mission Successful.

It fails my understanding how being a woman, she can spread falsities, abuse, disrespect against another woman. It fails my understanding how she turned out to be a misogynist, anti-feminist activist instead of being a men’s rights activist as she started out to be. It amazes me how she garners support from men by victimising herself while she blatantly accuses ‘feminist’ women of playing the ‘victim’ card!

Madam Jyoti Tiwari, I wish you’d have given a thought about the privacy of another lady before you took to abusing her on social media and getting other men to abuse her too. I wish you’d even now spare a thought to what implications your hatred-spreading can cause on women. Open our eyes to the kind of violent comments that men leave on your posts. If you had a daughter or a sister, would you have let those men treat her like this kind of trash! Indeed, a woman is another woman’s greatest enemy.

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