Stand-Up Comedy Gives Me A Rush That My Corporate Job Never Did In 8 Years

Posted by Vikash Paul in My Story, Video
March 17, 2018

My name is Vikash Paul. I am a Chartered Accountant turned stand-up comedian from Chennai. After 8 years of a corporate job, I decided to take up more of a non-conventional career option – stand-up comedy. I took the so-called leap of faith, the plunge to take it full-time (and the hustle is still very much on!).

Initially, it was more of a creative outlet to kill the monotony of the 9-to-5 day job. But later on, I was attracted to this art form more because of the sheer joy and challenges it offered. That adrenaline rush every time I get on stage now… I never got when I entered my office cubicle 😛

It was in my 5th year of a corporate job that I realized that I am getting addicted to the fixed salary amount being credited to my account. The addiction is worse than the smoking or alcohol or any drugs. It makes you complacent. You put your dream and your passion in the backseat and sit quietly fooling yourself that it is not important. I realized that almost half of my active life is already over but then decided that the remaining half needs to be lived in the way I want to and doing what I want to do.

With close to 150 shows in last 3 years and sharing stage with many big names in Indian stand-up comedy scene, I have become a regular face at comedy venues across Chennai and have also performed in various other cities like Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai.

I hail from Kolkata where I was born and brought up after which I did my commerce graduation from SRCC, Delhi and then had an 8-year stint in a investment banking job in Chennai – so I bring to the table all my experiences gathered from various geographies and walks of life and try to give a very refreshing funny take on everyday events.

In my latest stand-up video, I speak about my experience of moving to a new city in South (Chennai) and other weird things which happens on flight travels! This was my first time performing at Canvas Laugh Club, Mumbai. Please do share my story if you like it : )

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