Independence, Freedom and Inspiration: How A Euro Trip Changed My Life

Posted by Abhishek Raj Chaudhary in Culture-Vulture, Travel
March 28, 2018

2017 – The year, that would be etched into my memory, forever. It was the year that witnessed the transformation of my dreams into a reality. As a photographer, budding filmmaker and a traveller, it was my dream to travel to the lands that I had always read about in books and seen in magazines.

On the one hand, this Euro trip was able to quench my thirst for travel momentarily, while on the other, it made me realize that I need to and I have to travel to so many countries and explore the unknown realms. The journey not only helped me cater to my personal interests but also to further my professional pursuits.

I hope my creations would enable all art lovers, to live the experience I had during this visit through my lenses. In my work, I’ve tried to capture the moods and life of people in cities and some of the popular tourist destinations of Europe. The idea is to create an impact so strong, especially on people who have never been to these places so that, given a chance, they can feel a sense of familiarity and connect through my pictures.

Never did I imagine, that the journey I was going to embark upon would play a pivotal role in my life and mould me into an altogether different person.

Traveling and that too, all by yourself, infused in me the breath of independence – a feeling that I don’t belong to any specific country, race or religion. You need to take the plunge to have a taste and be an achiever. And traveling did the exact thing to me.

My decision to stay in a hostel, throughout my journey and forgo the amenities of a 5-star hotel, turned out to be one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life.

Just imagine! A room pf five people, hailing from different countries and still living like they knew each other forever. I don’t remember the last time I had experienced that kind of positivity and amalgamation of varied cultures under the same roof, where even language couldn’t act as a barrier in bonding over food, cultures and of course, our mutual love for travel.

As a photographer, I’ve tried my utmost to capture the best of Europe to collect a piece of every place I’ve ever set my foot on. I eventually tried to weave a collage of memories, which I hope would inspire others to travel, as it did inspire me.

Every frame of mine has a story to tell, a memory that would keep resonating, till the time I have my time machine with me that helps me to relive some of the best things I’ve absorbed in my lifetime.