No Space For Pain!

A child’s mind cannot often comprehend the basic difference between ‘so-called’ right and wrong values. We at the tender age of five or six years cannot differentiate between our thoughts and the reality. On growing older, when our psychological and philosophical selves are shaped up, we develop a better insight into our lives.

As a young girl, I like any other child was not aware of my body and how to protect it. I was not aware of the mindsets of people around me. We had watched movies and heard of some incidents which start from the word PHYSICAL. Rapes, sexual assaults and harassment faced by women. Not only by women but also by little girls, are getting frequent today. But what if someone throws light on the fact that even 10 or say 12 years back they quietly existed.

And the saddest part is that those little girls today have grown up and realised what had happened to them. Worse than being in that sore place is the fact that many of these girls are either quietly living with those events embedded in their skin, without anyone else being aware of it.

Physical abuse does not only link itself to the word ‘Rape’; but it can also be a simple touch or a contact which the victim does not feel comfortable about. About a decade back something similar happened to me. I was not at all aware of what actually transpired but today, I am and therefore I have decided to put an end to that pain myself.

Such events are not limited to just girls. Even young boys become the victims of such physically and mentally painful acts. But today each one of us has to face the fact that one mere episode of life cannot destroy our dreams. Some or the other day, we all need to get up and put an end to that pain and sourness.

Speak up for yourself and let people know what their limits are. Behold yourself with all your strength. Whether you yourself have been in this place or know someone with such an experience. Please, empower and motivate them to talk about it. We are not supposed to feel haunted by such nightmares.

Dare to dream even when life makes you ‘weak at the knees’, for every day gives us a new chance. Live it.