In The Absence Of Sex Education, How ‘Hardcore’ Porn Influences Our Notions Of Sex

Posted by Karan Kumar Sevak in Sex, Society
March 7, 2018

In the digital world, out of the innumerable categories of videos available, one that is watched by almost everyone – from a teenager to an adult – is porn.

Nobody can deny how usual this has become nowadays, regardless of one’s gender. So what exactly do you make of porn – videos that are meant to arouse our sexual desires? Do you think it’s just ‘time pass’? For me, it is a piece of art and creativity. It needs a proper story, setting, sound, costumes and innovative poses.

But at the same time, porn can be manipulative. How so? As I said, it’s a piece of art. This requires a lot of scripting and fictional ideas. Now many people like to watch “extreme” porn – the kind of porn that falls under the ‘hardcore’ category. Now is real sex just like ‘hardcore’ sex? Is sex supposed to be about dominating your partner?

But according to cognitive theory, this is what one may learn from porn – that sex consists of brutality, violence and abuse. In ‘hardcore’ porn, sex is portrayed as a violent act.

Too often, we click on certain porn categories because we’re looking for our idea of the perfect body. But does this perfect body even exist? What are the parameters one uses to judge whether a body is perfect?

There are even categories like ‘teen’. A category like this makes some people want to seek out a virgin partner and have sex with them. They forget that unlike in the videos they watch, sex for a virgin partner is not easy and is often painful when it comes to the female virgin partner.

We have failed to separate the fantasy world of porn from our real life and somewhere along the line, ‘hardcore’ became ideal sex for us.
The question is – are people who think like this even aware of what sex actually is? Instead of understanding their partner’s comfort, these people try and mimic the experiences they saw in their favourite porn videos.

Ultimately, the primary reason people are taking to porn to teach them about sex is because there are no available means of sex education other than porn which can be easily accessed. We then begin to absorb the fictitious world of porn as ‘truth’ when, in fact, it is not so.