Other side of the hospitality, Manicklal Chakraborty

March 18, 2018

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Dear sir. greetings

Thanking you for the opportunity, in fact i am looking for an platform to bring my writings

We the hospitality staff are always pay our highest respect and regards to our guest, they may in first time comes to our establishment they more or like a stranger, but they are they are our guest we welcome we take care to them, no one can find in any other industry like what we do for our customer, only in hospitality industry customers are enjoys utmost respect, rest all simply ends with lips service.

It’s give immense pleasure for us to do our service, in turn we expect only little respect from our guest, but its very unfortunate some time  guest are when treating us very badly for a small mistake that has happened during our service to them, that’s makes us to feel why we choose this industry …….but after some time no other way except accept the it.There are several incident faced by the staff in the industry nobody disclosed it to others, because that became a part of our routine to simply say that Guest is always right even though they are wrong, i bring the incident which was happened when i was working as Operation Manager for a reputed hotel and resorts in Andaman.

The main reason for narrating this incident, in the recent past people are talking about changes in many issues so here i tried myself hoping for a change (in guest behaviour) towards us may happen let me bring the incident, Is a weekend hotel restaurant was fully crowded beside there is a there is a cocktail party in banquet, reason wise our kitchen was fully by with orders, by that time i was in the reception, a waiter came and informed me that guest is calling me, i went and wished the guest, in turn guest asked me are you the manager here , and started asking me what types of staff you have, untrained un qualified both husband and wife created a seen that other guest are looking at me, i said sorry sir let me know your complain …you see i am non vegetarian my wife is vegetarian and showing his two bowl to me and said, we order two soup one is sweet corn chicken soup for me and another sweet corn vegetarian, but my wife soup was chicken soup  mine is vegetable, but your ……waiter wrongly placed my wife is now vomiting, she is very orthodox she very much upset she don’t want to take anything from your restaurant, when i asked apology he and she both of them are shouting loudly, we don’t want your apology, your people are spoil our day, she said she don’t want to take any food from our hotel after hearing all these with no other option people are looking so, i touch his feet and requested him please keep calm (  he don’t even bothered that other guest are gets disturb) i requested him please i do reordering your food please give your fresh order, now  i look at the lady called her bobby ap map ki zee yah, apko kiya chaah thoo bolia abi hum apka room may bejunga … after long battle the abuse our restaurant further asking me now tell me she is very much upset we came to here your hotel to celebrate our honey moon  everything spoiled yaa…this time i said please excuse us go to your room beside your order we will atrage good fruits is all our complimentary please excuse then…said  we go to our room and order from there, in the mean time i called one of our security to go and buy some good fruits for 250 Rupees, in the mean time they send their lengthy order both veg and non veg (green salad, papad, Both roti, Tandoori and butter naan, paneer butter masala and chicken masala, dessert vanilla and chocolate ice cream, an experience waiter was send there room for  service.

There are question few from this incident remains that i can’t ask can you – its a mistake  human error by accidently waiter kept instead of veg soup to the lady to her husband, and instead of chicken soup to the man. for the mistake they not apologized the waiter instead they call manager all that fine even after Manager touched the customer feet to excuse for the mistake they were adamant. how the guest things they are so wise by saying that what type of staff you have such nonsense idiot etc, what they expecting more even after manager tender his apology for the mistake.

Finally i by myself questioning by chance if  they meet an accident by walking or driving what they will do…?

Looking forward for your feed back

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