Prospects of law in India

Posted by SLS Hyderabad
March 3, 2018

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The legal profession is one of the oldest in the world. Being a lawyer is not only about practicing the rules of law, it is a career that builds future leaders.

Though the at the beginning of this profession, lawyers were not expected to be found anywhere except court rooms, this has changed in the recent times and lawyers have made their mark in several corporate houses, law firms, litigation and administrative services.

Some of the best law colleges in Hyderabad , aim to produce lawyers that can excel in any of the above settings.

This shift is desirable and one can see more and more young aspiring lawyers choosing this profession for admirable reasons. There is an increase in curiosity and involvement of students while making their career decisions. The ambition to choose this profession has changed from the choice stemming from law being a family business to aspirants being inspired to make this choice.

The greats in history, right from Mahatma Gandhi to Barack Obama, the list of influencers who have started their path-breaking journeys with this profession is exhaustive.

Let us have a detailed look at what it means to build a career in the field of law and the prospects it holds.

A student of law can specialize in branches such as civil, corporate, criminal, taxation, labour which are some of the more traditional ones. New specializations have opened up which include, space, cyber and intellectual property law. These allow for more choice for a law aspirant depending on their interest and inclination.

Law Careers

A lawyer in today’s time has evolved from the black robes and courtrooms to lavish offices and jobs in media. Law combines various fields of study, as a result of which it opens up several options for law graduates. There has been a dramatic surge in the demand for savvy law graduates who possess the skills to be right for key positions in leading firms.


Practicing law in courts is the traditional career path in law. It is essential for a young graduate to qualify a bar exam before joining a court of law. Litigation gives a broad range of options to a fresh law graduate in both public and private spheres. Specializations include taxation, constitution, family etc.

Corporate Counsel

A lawyer can work in a company as an in-house legal counsel, to provide legal advice on legal matters concerned with business. As an in-house counsel you will be involved in working to draft, vet and negotiate contracts, handle legal disputes and monitor compliance with rules and law

Social Work

A huge number of law graduates go on to work with NGOs that are committed to social causes. Your legal services could be useful for organisations that are dedicated to working for environmental, gender and caste issue among several others.

Judicial/Civil Services

To pursue a stable government job and find a place in the prestigious High Court of the country, one must clear the Civil Services Examination which is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission.

Media and Law

Journalism and law are intertwined professions. Both require superior skills of research, writing and a critical knowledge of the legal system. Law graduates with an inclination for reporting can pursue careers in law reporting and legal publishing. Under law reporting one gets the chance to work as a law reporter with TC channels as well as newspapers. Legal Publishing involves lawyers working as editors for several print and electronic media.

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