In Punjab’s 300-Year-Old Village, Sikhs, Hindus & Muslims Are Building A Mosque Together

Posted by shakeel ahmad in Society
March 4, 2018

Villagers in the Moom village of Punjab have a message of peaceful co-existence to the country. Although the population is dominated by Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims also reside there. Their attachment with one another is evident from the fact that they have decided to construct a mosque in the village, which exists near Ludhiana.

The Hindus donated the land, while the Sikhs gathered funds. This example shown by them deserves enormous praise.

They appeared to have enveloped themselves in humanity, togetherness and brotherhood. Our country is not devoid of secular ideals. It is because of such inherent supremacy we proudly declare that our country is the best. The village is named after Baba Momin Shah whose shrine truly exists in this village.

Manjeet Kaur, sarpanch, said that the village had existed for 300 long years, which means it continued to exist from the time of the later Mughals. It had maintained its communal harmony. The scant number of Hindus and Muslims is more or less touching around 400 each.

This village certainly sends a strong message to the politicians who create hatred among different communities for purely political gains. Pt. Puroshattam Lal, a medical practitioner, said that they wanted a mosque in the village next to the temple and the gurudwara.

This is an example that Punjab and Punjabis are setting for rest of the country. Now every community will have their separate places of worship. So far, daily prayers have been conducted in the two rooms inside the shrine.

Secularism, it seems, is a matter of duty to these villagers.

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