How An Annual Sports Event Allowed Students Across States To Relive Their Sporting Dreams

Posted by Hyder Ali Ashrafi in Specials, Sports
March 22, 2018

More than 800 students from Uttarakhand and neighbouring states competed in the 2-day annual sports meet organised by Quantum University, titled “Udaan 2018”. The enthusiastic students participated in several sporting competitions such as basketball, volleyball, tug-of-war, football, badminton and long jump. Several indoor games were also organised by the university in which the students showed their keen interest.

Highlighting the importance of sports in a student’s life, the secretary of the university, Shobhit Goel, said, “Sports bring discipline in our lives and play an important role to help us climb the ladder of success. Sports inculcate the feeling of competitiveness and sportsmanship. Apart from physical development, it also helps us get mentally strong.”

A press release by Quantum University claimed that the quartet of Ashish, Anuj, Aamir and Shubham clinched gold in the relay race (4×100 metres) while Azhar, Rishabh and Yogesh settled for the silver medal. In the 400 metre race Vivek Tyagi from Civil Engineering Diploma won the gold, while Shivam Kumar from Mechanical Engineering Diploma stood second.

In long jump, Siddhant, a B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering) student, won the gold medal. Himanshu (from the Civil Engineering Diploma course) attained the second position. Anuj Sharma, a B.Tech. (Civil Engineering) student clinched the gold in the triple jump event, while Pratham Mittal from the B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering) course bagged a silver medal. The winners were conferred medals by the chief guest of the event.