Ravi Shastri finds a lot of Imran Khan In Virat Kohli

Posted by shakeel ahmad
March 11, 2018

What the cricket team coach Ravi Shastri said about the Indian cricket team captain seemed like a popular Hindi film song. He held that former Pak cricketer Imran Khan’s qualities have seemingly become visible in Virat Kohli. Vibrant Virat apparently looks a lot like the iconic Imran Khan.

The qualified coach, who had also been part of that Indian team which won World cup, thought about it or experienced it fittingly. He had an inkling of depth and breadth of the captain’s potential if others have not presumed so.

Despite being a young player Virat at present as was often pointed out he had so far established himself as one of the best players in the world of cricket. He discerned how to lead the team and its trained players. If you were not an abundantly dedicated cricketer, it was hard to find much richness or fine distinction in the excellence on the field.

By his comparison with Pakistan all-rounder, the coach Ravi Shastri was surely not talking of relishing the French cuisine. He had very forcefully made it clear that whatever qualities he found during his time in the ace neighbouring country’s cricketer have seeped into Kohli’s style on the field as well as the pitch.

By now attaining the position of the world no. 1 player Kohli finely completed above 500 runs in the one-day series against South Africa. As he gradually and rapidly accomplished his mastery over the game, he one after another was competently achieving the layers of records.

Like Imran Khan, he also recognizes how to take over the players. He even knows how to compete. He has sufficient skill in transporting his sporting ability into other players. His captaincy also looks like that captain who clinched the World cup for Pakistan.

Shastri’s reactions came at some stage when Virat Kohli was taking rest. Even as the Indian team takes cudgel with Sri Lanka and Bangladesh in Colombo, it lost its first match against Sri Lanka in the ongoing triangular T-20 series after a gap of two long decades.