Posted by Akshat Giri
March 1, 2018

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It’s a long story with.
I don’t care if you read this or not.
I’m going to tell what I know .

Before 100years
There was an kingdom called Ottoman Empire
After the end of Ottoman Empire
4 country’s where formed
1.Saudi Arabia
This country was formed by Sunni muslims
Saudi is ruled by king .
This country was formed by Shia muslims
This is an democratic country
This country was formed by both Shia and Sunni muslims
This country was the problem solver for Saudi and Iran and holds them not to fight with each other .
This country was formed by both Shia and Sunni muslims .

Then they all found that there is oil resource in their country at that time.

Then America asked for oil from Soudi Arabia and Soudi Arabia agreed for the deal
( The deal is Saudi gives oil to America and America should make the Soudi people as head of muslims)

But in mean while Iran rejected the proposal of America

In mean while Iraq started to give oil to other country in cheap price and America is not happy with that  and then America Said that Iraq has nuclear weapons and then they made war on terrorism in iraq and arrested Saddam Hussein and hung him ( later they not even found any weapons) . Then Now America has control over Iraq and Saudi .
Here where Syria comes.
Iran paid syria’s shia Muslims ( the Muslims who lives in Iran ) people who are in government ( Assad regime ) and made them to stand against America .
America and Soudi Arabia supported Sunni muslims who lives in Syria to stand against their own governments .
Now Russia comes to support Iran .

Meanwhile a new group called ISIS ( Islamic state of Iraq and Syria ) is formed in Iraq and Syria. And they ask everyone ( Iran , russia , America , Saudi ) to leave the country freely . And they began to expand . Their goal is to form an Islamic state of their own.

Later , as ISIS is against both America and Russia.
Saudi and America attacked ISIS
THEN , Iran and Russia attacked ISIS .

As they can’t find the diffrent between inocent people and ISIS , they started bombing Whole Syria …..

This is not the full story .

Around 5lakhs inocent people where killed in Syria.
70lakhs people where homeless.
They can’t even go as refuges . As Iran or Soudi is not willing to have them. 

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