Can Akshay Kumar And Baba Ramdev Solve Taiwan’s Toilet Paper Crisis?

Posted by shakeel ahmad in GlobeScope, Society
March 5, 2018

What Bollywood’s bouncy actor Akshay Kumar toiled for publicising through his film, he needed to do for the Taiwanese people who are getting panicky after a price hike on toilet paper. He should show his Bollywood mettle by demonstrating to the people of Taiwan how they could deal with the situation.

Considering that he and Baba Ramdev are the most trusted for health advice in the country, perhaps they could together focus on helping the Taiwanese people.

If both these bright minds would jointly endeavour to do something creative, then perhaps the Taiwanese people would no longer have to be dependent on toilet papers. Perhaps they could teach them bodily control through yoga.

It remains difficult to perceive who is more energetic – Akshay Kumar or Baba Ramdev. Both display similar energy.  They usually look pleased with their products, unlike the Taiwanese who are panicking over their toilet paper supply. Perhaps the actor and the yoga master could offer a different perspective. Presently the Taiwanese were desperate for buying toilet paper despite their Prime Minister William Lai requesting them not to panic further.

The 10-30% supposed hike in pulp prices from March led the Taiwanese people to panic. Since the ‘Padman’ had purportedly linked his film with a social cause or service, perhaps he ought to help out the Taiwanese people with their toilet paper situation as well.