Inspiring Story Of One-legged Cricketer Jaswant Raj Purohit: The Unsung Hero Of Rajasthan

Posted by Shikhrani Raghvendra in Inspiration, Sports
March 15, 2018

We often make excuses to avoid hard work and blame destiny for our failure. But within our society, there are some inspiring stories of the people who worked hard to change their destiny. The young cricketer Jaswant Raj Purohit from Rajasthan is one of them.

You will be surprised to know that Jaswant, a small town boy, is disabled with one leg. But he has never considered it a weakness. The label of ‘differently abled’ has never stopped him from playing cricket.

Usually, during teenage years, people start exploring their career options. Teenagers often get inspiration from celebrities such as actors, singers, cricketers, athletes, etc. Likewise, Jaswant liked to watch cricket and slowly, it became his passion.

He was so inspired by players like Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli that instead of watching cricket at home, he decided to go out and play. He was studying in class 9 when he started playing cricket and since then, he has never looked back. Initially, it was difficult for him but practice made him perfect.

Today, Jaswant is an all-rounder. Batsmen can’t handle his bowling and fielders can’t stop his shots in the field. The way he plays in the field has often surprised people. His passion led to his selection in the handicap cricket team and he has won many tournaments, along with winning the national championship last year.

Jaswant comes from a middle-class family. Initially, his family was worried about his future and his father used to accompany him in the field. They were worried that he might get hurt during the game. But over the years, his success changed how he was perceived by his family, friends and society. All credit goes to Jaswant’s dedication and hard work.

In Rajasthan, Jaswant is a star today. The media wants to know his story and he got featured on many electronic and print media platforms. He is an inspiration for the youth and his story motivates them to work hard and follow their passion. He often says, “My disability is not my weakness, it my power.”

More power to Jaswant!