Tired of Cities? 6 best European Beaches to Visit

Posted by Trisha Williams
March 1, 2018

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Europe has more than half of the world’s most beautiful beaches, but not all of them are as popular as the rest. There are a whole lot of seaside destinations that are yet to encroach and to which you will find cheap holiday packages and cheap international flights; and these following six beaches might just fix your city-burnt, nature-starved soul and make for the perfect Europe beach holidays.

6 best European Beaches to Visit

Here is a list of beaches you could visit:

  1. Cala Macarella – Menorca, Spain


Only a little distance away from the more popular beaches of Mallorca and Ibiza, Cala Macarella is a cozy alcove tucked in between steep hills covered with pine forests – it gives the beach a secluded feeling. The sea here is bright turquoise, and the sand is white, warmed by the famous south-west sun. Other than swimming, snorkeling is a loved water sport here.


  1. Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach – Vik, Iceland


This one is nothing like the usual Europe beach holiday destination, but it deserves mention as well as a visit. Among the many volcanic formations of the Nordic country, this beach is one of the coolest with dark black sand, rugged coastline, basalt towers and mysterious caves – all adding to its dramatic appeal.


  1. Ile de Re – La Rochelle, France


The beautiful coastline off western France along the Bay of Biscay is often referred to as the White Island because of the pale sand and the soft, neutral shades of the houses on the beach. There are dunes on the sand, pine woods around the shore and small fishing boats instead of commercial liners on the water – all of which make this an ideal recluse away from the crowd.


  1. Porto Limnionas Beach – Ionian Islands, Greece


Remember the underwater caves you saw on the television and wondered where in the world they could possibly exist? Well, this well-hidden beach in Greece is one. Off the western shores of the country, along with the coast of the Ionian Islands on the Mediterranean, the place is perfect for adventure lovers as well as those looking for some casual swimming and sunbathing.


  1. Cala Tonnarella – Sicily, Italy


Cala Tonnarella is a small stretch of stark white sand, flanked on all side by high limestone cliffs, nestled amidst the Zingaro Nature Reserve. Sicily is known for all its quiet and secluded beaches, and this is one of the special ones. Since Zingaro is inaccessible via road, the visitors have to walk for an hour from the car park, but the crystal blue at the end of it makes all worth it.


  1. Zlatni Rat Beach – Brac, Croatia


Great warm beaches in Europe can exist without the Mediterranean too, and the Zlatni Rat Beach on the Adriatic Sea is one of them. It is a thin strip of white sand stretching out into the sea with brilliant blue on both sides. The coast is lined with beach beds for the visitors to relax.

With a bit of digging, you will find cheap holiday packages and cheap international flights to all of these destinations – so stop reading, and start planning

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