To The man Behind my Screen

Posted by Khamhi Wangsa
March 10, 2018

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I never uploaded pictures with the man because we never had a chance to click good picture together. I addressed him as #Teili, which means Elder brother (in my native dialect). We are not from the same parents, but destiny has brought us together a gave birth to this beautiful bond.
I still remember that night. We were returning home from Namsa after that busy day. He was driving and none of us talked till we crossed Tizit Village. In that stillness of the night God had spoken to us. I suddenly broke the silence by sharing about my plans which was in my mind at that moment. He then shared his dreams and visions. We couldn’t come to the conclusion that night, soon I reached my home and he dropped me there. It was way back in 2012.
It was something different which has diverted my direction and changed my life. Today, whatever I’m is all because of him. He feels happy to see the world through my eyes, he wants me to go and reach out to the places where he couldn’t. His visions became my dream too! He has done so much for me in past 6 years, I can’t even tell you all about that. It will take me months to talk about it.
As a family man, Yes, he had bad days. It was not only him but all his family members had to sacrifice a lot for me. He has always been my strongest back bone. He has always been there for me. I don’t have perfect words to thank him. He has been through so much for me and made sure people respect me for who I am and not for what I am.
He is currently serving people as KU President of Tizit Unit. He gets angry when someone intentionally try to mess up my life. Because that’s what every elder brother do. He is protective not only about me but about all the people he serves. He is the man of Principle and integrity. Whenever I gets upset, he come and calms me down by advising me towards brighter directions. I won’t stop telling people all about him. He is THE MAN BEHIND MY SCREEN. 

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