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Posted by Abhishek Sharma
March 10, 2018

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Do you want to eradicate extreme poverty in India almost instantly? Do you want to give dignity & Freedom to the lives of Every Man, woman & child? Do you want to eradicate modern form of financial slavery and break the vicious cycle of suffering? Do you want to safeguard your middle class status from upcoming A.I. and Super Automation?

  • Today 20 crore Indians will sleep hungry (with just 1 square meal a day) and today Food that could feed 50 crore will be wasted by the Hotels, the Elite and the upper class around the world.
  • Today 20 Lakh people will sleep without a roof on the streets in cities of India and Lakhs of Hotel rooms & apartments will remain empty.
  • Today 25,000 Children around the world will die of hunger, poor drinking water, poor sanitation, no healthcare, no antibiotics & completely-completely preventable causes.
  • Today 4 crore Indian Children will go to Slave like Labour instead of going to a school and having a childhood, as they have to feed themselves.
  • Today Crores of Indians will toil for 200-300 Rs. Wages but CEO, chairman, MD will take away Crores of salary after mass layoffs by doing corporate restructuring, and private company employee will be struggling to take care of family and mounting work. Without unions and unity they will be helpless.
  • Today Lakhs of Men will pick hazardous waste, long painful hours, work in abject filth, poison, inhuman conditions & excrement. Lakhs of Pregnant women will tow construction bricks risking lives of the unborn child. Thousands of Kisan will kill themselves because of debt.
  • Today Millions of Young Girls will be thrown into Human trafficking to sell there Body & souls. With no social security They will be force to become part of it to feed themselves.
  • Today there will be wedding in Gurgaon Farmhouses which costs 5,000 Rs. a Dinner plate, which can easily feed someone for an year. Yet Half of the food in the wedding still be thrown in drain.
  • Today Many of Us will live in huge homes with many empty rooms, drive Huge SUVs with all empty space inside. Many of Us will Phuck the environment with lot of tissues, Cosmetics, Processed food, Tetra packs, Dispose thick Haldirams type Plastics on a single Meal which can be used by a poor family for an year.
  • Today A Government or public sector Babu will take 90,000 Rs. a month salary with 200 types of perks with 2 hour a Day Job, with little or no relation to his work output.
  • Today the Kerosene from Uchit Mulya Govt Subsidy shop (Govt Fair Price shop) meant for poverest of the poor for his daily cooking needs will be sold to a Nearby petrol pump.
  • Today the PDS rice and wheat grain will be sold to hotels and in black to retails.
  • Today Government Will Dole Out LAKH OF CRORES OF TAX MONEY for White elephant enterprise of Air India, Indian Post, BSNL, SAIL, GAIL, CGHS, MGNREGA, NRHM, Central & state Colleges with no Academic value, Government Hotels, “Inefficient – Corrupt Schemes”, BHEL, Indian Railways, Public Sector Bank NPAs, Foreign Trips for Bureaucrats and Netas, Fat pension and 100s of benefits to its retired employees. All of the above money was meant first for Poorest of the Poor than the riches of our FAT Government and crony capitalism.
  • Today 25% of the Tax collected will satisfy the needs of Only 2.0% of the state and central government employees population, with No performance pressure for salary Hike, never getting fired attitude. The Rest of Indian will Toil for 10-12 hours a day job between Greed & Fear. (Fear of getting fired & Businessman’s Greed of getting More output of his employee)
  • Today hundreds of farmers will commit suicide for small loans and 10 Lakh crore worth loans will be forgiven to big corporate houses and PSU banks by the government of India.

Government &“Its Schemes” : Indian democracy over a period of 70 years has been converted to Inflated Government, Government trying to do Businesses, Government filled with corruption and inefficiency, Government Without governance, Government with failed Schemes, Government plagued with political parasites (lobbies, unions). According to the statistics government spends 4 Rs. for a thing that can be done by 1 Rs. by private sector easily. Means 3 Rs. is wasted in all the Sloth for every 4 Rs. spent by State and central government. Today state and central Government has 100s of social schemes with little value to the target mass.

All of the above money belongs to poor which is spent by government employees, Neta & business contractors to Buy Sedan cars, Big houses and foreign education for their kids. No one seems to complain because this Loot is legal. Today Most Central government employees have annual health benefits (CGHS) greater than Annual salary of private college professor (how did we reach in such a social anomaly?). The System is designed in such a way as to benefit capitalist Businessman, Government, Netas & their children.  It is a 8 Lakh crore rupees yearly scam that must be stopped. The government Employees and Business/Corporate class have become Kings and Job holders and entrepreneurs have become Slaves in modern power structure.

Capitalism, Automation and Lack of Jobs:

  • Jobs are already hard to come by, everyone can feel the heat of automation. Earlier factories which hired 1000 employees to produce now run by less than 30 due to advanced machines.
  • Fast Job automation, artificial intelligence, e-commerce, e-tailing, robots are threatening traditional jobs, new jobs created are half of what existed earlier.  With increasing automation divide between rich and poor will grow and eventually middle class who relied on service class jobs will fall victim.
  • A child born beyond 2030 will be redundant since everything he can do AI will be able to do by the time he grows up as an adult.
  • India has huge population burden is due to government negligence for 4 decades. Population problem gives birth to Huge unemployed and underemployed mass problems. Many People are Now deprived of jobs to give them existential security.
  • A human born in poverty does not mean he does not have right to live with dignity. The Basic right of Food, Shelter, Clothes & Sanitation. People who are unemployed, underemployed, disabled, children born in extreme poverty have as much right to Mother India and its resources as you & I have. Government sells spectrum, coal, iron ore, metals mines, oil & Gas, Land & collects Taxes from Indian economy. Poor have the equal right on the All the money Government collects. But government spends peanuts in terms of healthcare, education, failed social schemes & defence to this deprived class (<10% of GDP) Rest all falls victim of corruption and holes in government implementations.
    It’s like the neighbourhood teens coming during Dashahara for Ravan Dahan asking for Chanda and spending 80% chanda on themselves and spending 20% on actual Ravan dahan. IT IS A SCAM MUST BE STOPPED.

How UBI Works (UBI is Not Leftist-socialist ideology, it is like plugging leaking hole in Capitalism):

    • How do we treat the child who can not produce for family, how do we treat our elderly, Sick, people who are differently abled or a brother who is unemployed? We treat them with dignity. They get food, shelter & respect in Family. Then Why don’t we treat Poor of the society in the same way when there is absolute abundance of resources?
    • UBI is minimum income every living breathing individual will take from the Government of India despite of his employment status, his sex, his religion, his caste or creed. The entitled person will have to come to government office twice month to claim his UBI salary via Adhaar Card. Than he can go and do anything he need from the money from Open market.
    • At 700-800 Rs. Monthly, UBI will fulfil the very primitive needs of a person. Most of the organized sector will rarely claim it. But it will create a security ambit for Middle class against falling back in poverty due to loss of job.
    • It will create a social security umbrella in case of your bankruptcy, kisan debt, widows, Disabled, alcoholism, Gambling problem of husbands, Loan sharks, Employer abuse, modern financial slavery. No one can claim your UBI But you! Not your bank, not your abusive spouse, not your parent but only you.


  • JOB CREATION & NO EXPLOITATION: #Employment Booster, #Economic Steroid A Nationwide UBI will create 10 crore new jobs for middle class via increased economic activity in India. It will spell end to the exploitation (12 hours a day 7 days a week working) of middle class by business class. Because everyone will fall into the ambit of social security. Now they can demand fair wages for their work. They are not bound to work for this meal to next meal.
  • END OF HUMAN ECONOMIC SUFFERING: All Suffering, marital abuse and suicides will end because there will be lowest level of economic activity possible to every man women and child. Man will know his two meals, pair of clothes and a roof are taken care of by God. They can form unions for there fair economic rights in jobs, overtime, leaves. They will acquire bargaining power.


  • Arvind Subramanian (Chief Economic Adviser) Ministry of Finance (ESI 2017) India’s biggest economist says UBI should come ASAP to eliminate human suffering.
  • Government Has AMPLE money for UBI. But Lack of will and Lack of visionary leader. Off-course thousands of Fortuners, BMW, italian marble in 5 BHK, Gala parties of many bureaucrats and crony bizman will have to stop for this. UBI can also fall victim of Dirty politics just as Population control failed.
  • #Remember: Indian Population is not a problem but distribution of our Natural Resources is. Mahatma Gandhi once said “There is Plenty for Everyone’s need, But not enough for even one man’s Greed.”

Lifting everyone out of poverty Line

60 Crore People UBI

Amount of UBI per person

800Rs. A Month

Total Government Expenses

5 Lakh Crore Rs. Annually

Currently Government Subsidy bill 2017
(e.g. Ravan dahan ka chanda)

6-8 Lakh Crore Rs. Annually


Its difficult to explain UBI in few pages since its a economic principle bigger than a Single Book. There are 100’s of books written on this principle.



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