Voters’ Zest Seems To Have Dwindled In Bihar Bypolls

Posted by shakeel ahmad
March 12, 2018

What had happened to the voter’s enthusiasm? The bypolls in Bihar witnessed as many as 57% voting in Araria, 43% polling in Gorakhpur and 37% voting in Phulpur. The two assembly seats Bhabua and Jehanabad registered 48.5 % and 45.8% votes respectively. Are voters now disillusioned? The political parties’ focus is at this time centred upon the counting date (March 14).

Some changed political equations can cause surprising results. The party leaders never exactly know what direction the results will come forward. Even though the parties predict sound victory with the firm emphasis on the idea of the elections was contested to win. The choice definitely remained in the voters’ mind and the candidates could have just trust and applied common sense.

The Congress, the SP and the BSP are making utmost efforts to improve their poor political positions. Would they succeed in winning the by-elections held at Gorakhpur and Phulpur constituencies? In the meantime, one Janata Dal (U) leader has said that Araria seat will positively go to the alliance government in Bihar.

The 123-year-old Congress party is facing major challenges in today’s political scenario. The BJP is smiling; the RSS is smiling and its ilk is smiling. The BJP’s massive success lays concrete on other parties who are working out fresh moves and concrete considerations to succeed.

Though the Congress talks of unanimity in politics, it has not joined hands with the SP-BSP group in parliamentary by-elections in UP. The BJP leaders seemed quite confident of recording its victory on both the seats. That was why one BJP leader even said that the victory margin on the Gorakhpur seat would go up to nearly 3.15 lakh votes.

Yogi Adityanath, UP Chief Minister, mentioned that the Samajwadi Party-Bahujan Samaj Party grouping was just opportunistic and would cause no harm to BJP.

While the Samajwadi party candidate was expecting positive result with the BSP’s support, the BJP leaders see a dry run for other parties in the bypolls.