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Want peaceful life back, “Initiate with one day Mobile Fasting”

Posted by Sharad Sadaphale
March 8, 2018

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Want peaceful life back, “Initiate with one day Mobile Fasting”

Sharad Sadaphale

Founder – Jai Vaishanavi Mata Education Society

A daily one apple keeps the doctor away and doing mobile fasting help to get the peace of mind.

Mobile fasting is simple as like our normal food fasting; in which, we have food and avoid eating it or required for normal body function.

In Mobile fasting we don’t use mobile for a day or as per our commitment.

“It’s just a way of honoring my body. I’m honoring myself, I’m getting in touch with what I need and I’m much more in control of when I use mobile, where I eat”.

In earlier days, when there were landline phones and no Mobiles, people made use of the equipment only on necessity basis i.e. only to speaking to people, conveying necessary and obligatory information with a little time courtesy and affectionate conversation. There were exceptions but a very little but not at the cost of insulting the opposite person’s presence.

In present day society, people are not even bothering to see the people’s face whom they come across on day to day basis, by indulging and engaging themselves in their smart phones by accessing to What’s app, Facebook, Twitter, Linked IN etc. forgetting the real world and the personal relation.

But however, we can rectify this issue in two ways:

Either through

1.) Mobile Fasting:


Ø  Peace of Mind.

Ø  Healthy Sleep by not too much engaging

Ø  Treating the presence of opposite person with all due respect


Ø  May miss important calls and conversation; Ex: seeking of any emergency  information from our friends, family and well-wishers

Ø  Lack of self-availability to seek help from others or to help others

IMPORTANT NOTE : These two disadvantages can certainly prove expensive to us and also to our surrounding people as missing crucial time and critical information matters a lot.

2. Using smart phones by realizing the facts and limits.:

Anything Too much is Too Bad, unless we have a control on what we do and unless we know the limitation of usage, I would say, anything is fine. If you don’t have a control on mobile uses and required to have mobile and still interested for mobile fasting, better use vintage mobiles (Non – Smart Mobile).

Method to use smart phones:

Show people that you are generally accessible only through network phone calls/text messages and not through any third party apps like What’s app, Facebook, Twitter etc. as the opposite person will not realize to convey only the information which is needed or important and keeps on buzzing you with his pings which would certainly annoy you at any point and can hamper your time, health and relation.


Ø  Only necessary info can be conveyed Time can be saved

Ø  Peaceful life

Ø  Opposite person’s presence can be valued

Ø  Most importantly, you don’t have to use internet by which you can save the mobile battery usage as well.


1.      In a sarcastic context I would say that you can miss unnecessary and unproductive information.

As I have discussed in the above paragraphs, in this bottom line I would like convey that Mobile Fasting is equal to rehabilitation center, just like people who don’t have control over Cigarettes, alcohol and drugs usage join the Rehabilitation center, in the same way people who don’t have control over the usage of mobiles should religiously implement the mobile fasting.

Time to get charge brain with peace and life gets back…

take step for “Mobile fasting” ToDaY…

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