What is Technical Essay Writing?

Posted by James Jhon
March 12, 2018

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If you have just taken admission in computer science, you are supposed to be ready to create technical papers because this is going to be one of the most important activities of your course. Many students feel like falling into hot waters when they start working on this kind of task for the first time since the beginning of their academic career because they are often lost in the maze of technicalities. Though, it happens with everyone, new students of computer science often find it the toughest task of their life. To provide you help with essay, we are going to explain it in details so you can get some relief on your end.


What is Technical Writing?


Technical writing is similar to the articles fall into the category of likewise academic journals and the writer gets the topic in form of a question or a statement which he is required to discuss within a total word-count of 1000-2000 words. The structure of writing will usually be the same in either form i.e. question or statement. Some of the basic writing rules are as follow:


  • Most preferred font: Times New Roman
  • Most preferred font size: 11-12
  • Most usual word-count: somewhat 1000-2000.
  • Formatting: straight left margin with jagged right margin
  • Page Numbers: should be put at the page bottom


Create a Layout


All types of writing tasks have three things in common i.e. introduction, body and conclusion and thus the technical writing is no exception. Therefore, you should definitely divide your paper into three main sections so you can put the relevant information into relevant sections. Additionally, you can add a small section Abstract.


  • Introduction: Introduce your topic and given an overview of everything you are going to discuss in the body of the paper.


  • Body: This is the major section of the paper and you must gather enough information to be able to put into this section.


  • Conclusion: Ultimately when you reach at the last section, you simply need to recapitulate your main points of discussion that you discussed in body section.


  • Abstract: Before you are ready to write the body section, you can include a 150 words long abstract which will let the readers have an ideas what they are going to read in the next sections. It is better to write the body first and then move to write abstract.


Draw a Plan


The best way to work on the layout is to create a plan because this will enable you to develop headlines which you can use it different sections. When you start creating the plan, it might seem to be boorish because you might still have some confusion about the topic but as you move deeper into the topic, you will better understand and can reconstruct the plan accordingly to allow insertion of further details. Moreover, there should be enough paragraphs and each paragraph must fit best in sequence. The number of paragraphs greatly depends upon the length of the topic. Normally a 2000-words paper contains 2-3 paragraphs in body section.


Choose a Style


When it comes to choose a style for your writing, you must keep few important factors in mind and some of them are given below:


  • You must use a formal tone of English and write everything as clearly as possible.
  • Secondly, the impersonal style should be engaged which stops you using the word “I”.
  • The entire story of your paper should be written in a coherent manner in which you should try to create a flow of words, sentences, sections and paragraphs.
  • The best way to maintain a stable flow of sections is to put a connecting sentence at the closing of each paragraph that leaves an overt connection for the next section.
  • Those who often face troubles in understanding the right styles can get a cheap custom essay from the professionals as an alternative option.


Content: Knowledge and Understanding 


Content plays a vital role in procuring maximum marks through a well written paper. In fact, this is something which will help your readers figure out who much knowledge and understanding you have about your topic. Sometimes, you have a massive amount of background knowledge but you can’t include most part of it because you have to limit your paper within a required word-count. Therefore, you must choose the content smartly and include only those points which support your discussion, analysis and arguments. The references you use in your paper must be correct and trustworthy and therefore, you better depend upon the journals, conference papers and peer-reviewed books.


Final Words


Technical writing is an easy at all because it requires the writers to have knowledge, understanding, skills and time. One has to make much more efforts in technical writing than the other forms of writing. Despite of all troubles, the challenge can be accomplished easily if a carefully designed layout is followed

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