Women’s Day Is Not Meant To Glorify Women But Recognise Their Economic & Social Rights

The life of a woman is essentially more complicated than the life of a man.

Modern society, though having given more space to women, has made a woman’s life even more complex than it already was. She needs to handle the role of a mother, a wife, and still be able to pursue the demands of her career and be able exert a political and social effect on the system. It is expected of her to handle the versatility of both the characters efficiently.

Women have grown above the position where they were considered just as wives and mothers, though they still have to answer to this demand. Women of this century recognize themselves with distinction and handle the requirements of modern society dexterously. She is the bearer of the vital force for the continuation of life on this planet but she’s also much more than that.

Yet, a woman, under whose feet lie all the blessings of Janna’h, is not treated as the envoy of that immense grace; rather, she is abused and subjugated beneath the emblem of patriarchy. Her voice is silenced under the social structure, even though it greatly relies on her for its development.

International Women’s Day, celebrated on March 8, is a reminder of what women need to achieve in the society by commemorating the day when women began a new era in the history of Russia and the world. It’s not the day to glorify women or make them feel special but to distinguish their role in the society – economically and politcally – and to recognize their rights in such a set up.

Women have fought, risen and shone despite the huge architecture of repression pulling them down. They have strived and grown past the biased stereotype of being considered the inferior gender. However, they still need to walk the long distance of the hard path ahead to exert the true essence of their worth and explore the economic, political and social freedom that they are still greatly deprived of.

Women should be reminded that a woman should not seek to be treated as equal to men, because she’s not a man, but a woman. She is a woman who has earned her rights with dignity and should hold the banner of this name with confidence and pride.

Happy Women’s Day to the memory of the women who have fought and lived for our rights.