Why people in India do not prefer girl child

Posted by Dharaa Patel
March 2, 2018

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Why people in India do not prefer girl child because it’s too expensive to get a girl for girls parents and do not bring much honor to them





Since a birth We discriminate between Boy and girl child. Parents distribute sweets on a birth of Boy child. I haven’t seen any parents who distributed sweet on birth of Girl..! WE claim that the ration of Girls birth have increased in the decade. But how?  Because it’s ban on sex determination and abortion. Education have not created any impact. WE can see the result removing ban on fetus  sex determination. Now the situation is more worse. Whenever anyone claim that people kills daughter in womb. All proved rubbish it with argument that it’s in rural area. In Urban area , Its not the scene but the reason is they are unwanted child. If their parents had option they might never get Girl Child.


WE run Save Girl , Educate girl campaign to promote Girl Education and we show extra ordinary and talented girls in the campaign. In short , Girl life is worthy only if you manage to achieve something extra ordinary even campaign indirectly prove that. If you are Girl, you have to achieve something before 20 or you will get marry or no one will take guarantee of your dream or desire.



Girl have to learn all house hold work since the childhood. once She turns 11-12 year old, She has  to help her mother in the kitchen where as boys are free like street dogs. They can do whatever they do and mother pamper him like he has done lots of hard work  and tired. Boys have always been treated like king in family. They get food in bedroom and water on sofa set. Girl can’t even see a dream to do that or she will be reminder that she has to go to others house and How will she serve in- laws..!!  Most of the Girls have to manage the study and house hold work simultaneously where as boys manage fun and study. They just enjoy their life without any tension and even family treat them like they are doing much hard work and pamper them.  Girls can’t get time and do not allow to go out at night and frequently.  Yeah , modern society wants girl to score high in school but not at the cost of household work.  Means girls have to do work hard than boys.  It’s been said Girl score more in Exams though number of girls are less than boys. I guess the reason is Every girl knows that they have only option to escape from hell after marriage and we all know “dying man doest not leave single chance.”


Education which is the best weapon to transfer your life. Indian Parents spend much on Girls marriage than study as society demands it.  They spare lacs of rupees for marriage just to show off in the society but never spend a penny if girl ask to do further study. Tradition demands that and there’s no loopholes from society.  People claim now a days girls are much Educated.  They are having degree of  MBA , MCA , LLB , BDS etc. but How many girls are able to utilize that degree. As soon as they complete Education , they have  to get marry and after marriage it’s all depends on the decision of husband and his parents. I have seen a gynecologist as house wife and her age is around 30.


Dowry demand is one of the biggest thing you have to pay the cost of  being Girl. Girls parents have to pay cost to boys parents as they are going to look after their daughter then after.  Dowry is prohibited by Laws but ask Girls parents Who will marry their Girl if they refuse to give anything and do not ready to spend lacs of rupees in wedding…! Boys parents try to know what girls parents are going to give their daughter through relatives.


Well, even after paying these much, After marriage, in middle class family their daughter have to work like maid. All members retired once daughter-in-law enters in home. Moreover she has to offer glass of water on sofa set to husband , father-in-law and mother-in-law Though they all are fit and fine. It’s the culture of respect elders. If she is not from the rich family or not financial independent before marriage , She has to forget that dream and have to accept the entire life as maid in a name of “daughter-in-law”.

She ha s to face domestic politics , sometimes insult and violence as well if her husband is too much attached with his mother and obey her all words.


WE raise voice if we have to work more than 8 hours at office but no one has thought about the work hours and work load of house wife. First she has to work like hell and all worthless work and second she doesn’t get honor for doing this. Husband will claim what you do whole day at home..! being housewife , you should not give us your knowledge. It’s not your cup of tea.   Moreover , We have campaign “respect elders” In which daughter-in-law is responsible to look after husbands parents. Their own son is not responsible. And among all this workload if she ever raise her voice , She is vulgar and not good daughter-in-law and not cultural Girl.  On other side if her own parents does their own work their selves  (If they have single child), Its acceptable as They are daughter parents.


If Girl ever get success , her husband will get all the credit as her name will be written after the girls name. middle name is too much important in India. This is the main reason Girls parents do not invest much in Girls if they have male child and they are middle class as daughter will not able to give them back anything as She will marry some one and after the marriage her husband will get all the rights of her income. (Law is helpless against Tradition so we can’t claim Law)


Man get success, all credit goes to his mom or dad. No matter what her wife does for him , She never get credits. Well, Man’s parents at least get recognition. Girls parents do  the same to Educate her but they never get recognition as Girl hardly get a chance to make career after marriage (After marriage Transferable  , night shift , odd hours timing , low salary job not allowed) .  Girls parents Gift their daughter to man and even teach her to be with him only and always think about his comfort. But even they never been recognized if man get success. He continues telling about his parents only. No man ever mention that her in laws and their daughter (who is his wife) are the pillar of his success. Its always been taken for granted.  Where as girl has to think about man’s parents only to be cultural. If she thinks her own parents , She is non- cultural and too ambitious (not deserve to be a daughter in law).



Every man dream about modern , smart and working woman and want to marry  woman who take care his parents , manage house hold work and obey him and his family. Who treat his wife as maid and respect other woman about whom he is dreaming a modern , smart lady.  It always bring disrespect for his wife and he has to listen to maintain herself or behave like them (Though all restriction..! ) How a woman who work like hell for whole day in house, don’t get a time of a minute to look for her dream can concentrate after her beauty and Health / figure..! Moreover , It requires money as well which no family can spend on her when man doesn’t spend on himself.

(In many case this situation lead a man to extra marital affairs )


Moreover, At workplace also women are being harassed. We have all the rules for women safety but all are buyable and having loopholes. Women can’t even dare to raise her voice or her life will be miserable or she has  to seat at home and again one nightmare will wait for her at home. So most of the women just stuck there.  You will find hardly a women on key post as still there’s mentality that women have so much responsibility of home and she can’t manage office work as accurate as men.  I have seen many women who loose their job by one or other reason once  they get marry or pregnant. (Law is blind) Every company ask you What if you will get marry and Is there any planning to get marry in near future as they know that after marriage She may has to leave job or company wont be able to afford her.


Tradition is biggest hurdle in the way of women development.


Whole life is sacrifice if you born as Girl. Life would be bit easy If you manage to be financial Independent or manage to born in rich family.  By doing this life will be somewhat easy.


This is the reason I want to do something for women empowerment.



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