Why Do We Think About Our Women Only On Women’s Day?

Posted by Siji Joseph in Society
March 7, 2018

Once again, Women’s Day is being celebrated. But will this be the Women’s Day when she gets all that she needs? Will the girls get an education which is equal to her male counterpart?

In India, girls are still treated as a burden. The latest economic survey shows a decreasing sex ratio. Amartya Sen has famously mentioned the ‘missing women’. Where are the missing women?

A recent economic survey has observed that the need for a ‘son’ in the Indian family has resulted in an increased number of unwanted girls. India ranks 108th in the Global Gender Gap Report. Women in India lack access to quality food, resulting in malnutrition and health issues such as anaemia. They also often face infections due to lack of menstrual hygiene.

Here Is What Women Really Want:

  • Dignity.
  • A focus on the development of the girl child.
  • Awareness regarding menstrual hygiene and changing the view of society regarding impurity.
  • Address of women’s health issues – especially for the middle-aged and senior women.
  • Equal treatment from the family.
  • Education to set herself free. Educate a girl and you’d educate a family.
  • Protection against domestic violence.
  • The ability to travel across towns, cities and the country without any fear.
  • Equal space in offices and the workplace.
  • The understanding that pregnancy is a joy, not a burden.
  • Safety against sexual harassment. Giving fast and maximum punishment to the culprits is necessary.
  • Equality – right from the lower to the upper strata of the society.
  • Maximum utilization of the government women-oriented schemes.
  • You are the mentor of your own destiny, supporting the women entrepreneurs and self-help groups to do their maximum.
  • Self-sufficient women will bring a better society. Educate and empower her.
  • The realisation that you are the reason behind your happiness! Be confident enough to tackle the worst situation on your own.

The biggest irony of the Indian society is that we have powerful female goddesses but the common women are suffering.

Every year, on March 8, we celebrate “Women’s Day”. However, we need everyone to be aware of our rights and celebrate our lives not just for one day, but for 365 days every year. A country like India should be a model for other countries. Although it is hard, we have to achieve a women-friendly environment and society. Equality matters more than superiority. Happy Womanhood! And a very happy Women’s Day!