Women’s Day!

Posted by Pramey Nigdikar in Specials
March 8, 2018

Watch a slam, titled, ‘Breaking Stereotypes’ by Mansi Kapoor, here:


What factors allow gender discrimination? Oh! Do we really care? We’re fighting for women’s rights, isn’t that enough? No. Her body isn’t a crime scene. It’ll be a better place to live when instead of teaching our daughters to stay behind four walls, we’d let them accomplish their dreams. They aren’t mere prey for some un-counselled brain. Battling with their soul and bleeding on paper shouldn’t be the only option left. Their voices must not be trapped under the stereotypes of this orthodox society. She shouldn’t be the one stopped from stepping out of her house just because of some ‘educated’ monsters. Stop feeding her with your constant fears and rules. Let that stubborn dreamy head fly high!.
Celebrate Women’s Day, (Everyday)!

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