10 Things You Didn’t Know About Overseas Studies

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April 17, 2018

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Overseas studies can create lots of unanticipated events and bring in awareness we may not know of. Thus, we are offering a glimpse into some of the most common and yet unanticipated 10 ideas that may make you better prepared to take on the new experience without getting intimidated.

Making new friends isn’t too hard

From experience, we know that it’s in fact much easier to make friends overseas. It is quite logical to understand that because you won’t have many resources and help every now and then, you will do everything that is possible for you to get the work done. Survival instinct goes a long way in providing us with the necessary skill sets. Taking time out for church activities, volunteering services, or joining discussion groups helps in meeting with people and making friends of them.

3 months into the city and you’ll learn their language

In the previous article, we did ask you to carry route maps, addresses of restaurants, images, and learning few common sentences. Language is best learnt in a natural atmosphere in which you get to read, watch, speak, and listen. And you’ll surely have many such opportunities. Within a reasonably short period of 2-3 months, you’ll comfortably be able to manage your days and engage in routine conversation with the natives.

New friendships may be very purposeful

Your learning will be life-changing and the people you will become across with will be meaningful. If you are lucky enough, your peer group may also lead to the future enterprise. New information sharing, new mind-sets, new thinking patterns all will create synergistic pathways to a promising future. Most of the time will be spent in some serious discussions because everyone knows that the time will soon be over, and it will be in best interest of everyone to be serious about it. No more the days of spending 7 hours on PSP is going to be back and never again you will get to spend 7 continuous hours without achieving something at all.

You May Make Yourself Unforgettable

A change can happen in a moment and you are going to spend a full 2 years or 104 weeks or 700+ days in a life-changing experience. No wonder then that your stay may change others too. Somehow, by a stroke of magic, you may influence others that make you indispensable among the rest. 

You’ll try new cuisine

Your staying overseas may also be one of the best times to try new dishes that you possibly couldn’t at the confines of your own dwelling. You may and should try to learn new recipes, download apps, or make friends with foodies. In fact, eating out in groups can allow for budgeting individual expenses, visiting your new friend’s place for dinner, stacking discount coupons all offer a chance to experiment with new delicacies. This is a good way for recreation. Good food has a direct impact on wellness and productivity.

Volunteering may reward you even professionally

Volunteering is one of the best ways to show expression for a cause you believe in. It helps to find and explore places, culture, and people working for a common cause. Volunteering makes us street smart and not just book smart. It may also add on to your existing base of professional networking.

Opening a Bank Account Will Save You Money

Opening a local bank account offers many benefits like saving and withdrawing at you own convenience. Moreover, it can also save in time during money transfers either from home or while seeking part-time jobs.

You’ll Learn A Great Deal from Your Mistakes

Since, it is all by yourself that things have to be arranged, it only makes sense that the mistakes you may commit won’t get repeated, because you will be cognizant of the same. You will actively be participating in getting things done and that will make things both challenging and rewarding at the same time.

The Rewards will Stretch beyond Boundaries

Spending 2 years abroad will make you intelligent enough to get your work done in various situations even in your home country. By the time you complete your education you will have gained hands on experience of things and how things get done. Moreover, companies understand the fact that living abroad makes you better equipped with the skill sets to work in an MNC culture and will gel with the employees in a seamless fashion. The knowledge and information sharing will add an extra benefit.

Journey Back Home will be Difficult

Journey back home may be a sad experience. You will have lived a new life and again be back to the old one as a changed person. The transition may be quite challenging. You may have a subtle feeling of identity crisis and the first 2 weeks will be spent conditioning yourself to the home environment. You will remember and share some memorable events with new found friends and visits to places and the nickname you are identified with.

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