You Must Do These 3 Things If You’re A Student In Hyderabad

Posted by Varsha Priyadarshini in Campus Watch
April 12, 2018

After every semester break, the thought of returning to Hyderabad invokes mixed feelings. It’s hard to let go of the luxuries of your hometown and yet being in Hyderabad and exploring the city with friends does ignite the aficionado in me.

I have been in the city for the past two years, and it has never failed to amaze me. Hyderabad for college goers like me is a paradise with great places to eat, historical spots, cheap shopping locations (books!), weekend getaways and an intellectual space for talks and seminars.

From long walks along the Himayat Sagar Lake to weekend getaways to Hampi or Bhongir, Hyderabad can be a great city to explore.

Here is a list of places that I feel are a go-to for University folks.

Lamakaan, Banjara Hills

Lamakaan is a growing hub of cultural activities in town. It hosts events, seminars, workshops related to arts, literature and music. They call for talks and debates on current issues as well. During hours of non-activity, it is almost always buzzing with people as they get a glass of lemonade or a plate of finger licking samosas and find a corner to work, chill or start a conversation. The canteen food couldn’t be any more delicious and affordable.

I frequent it often, be it for the talks or the food.

Midnight Dosa Bandis

Dosa places you can find anywhere and everywhere. But at 3 am? That’s Ram ki Bandi for you. From Butter Masala Dosas to Pizza Dosas, this midnight place attracts just as many people as any day restaurant. It is cheap, and just the right choice when it strikes one and your stomach growls in protest, especially during those hectic semester exam days.

Hyderabad Trails

Hyderabad Trails is a novel initiative to help people explore the rich historical heritage of the city through organised walks and gatherings. They organise these events all around the city where people explore the city’s culture through stories, food and a walk around the lanes. It has brought a lot of people together who explore the somewhat neglected works of art in and around the city.

Nothing better than going out with your group of friends and meeting like-minded people who look forward to experiencing the beauty of the city in their own way.

As a university student, one’s pocket is always in need of funds, but the above choices are extremely affordable and fun if one wants to move beyond the cafe and club set up.

There are book cafes (like The Roastery Cafe), Koti Bazaar, a plethora of night clubs and amazing food chains like Paradise, Mohammadia Shawarma, Mehfil, Shaghouse, which brings the city to life. In such diversity, one is bound to differ in their experience of living in the city. I always rue the fact that my college, TISS Hyderabad is situated on the outskirts of the city, so everyday life is pretty mundane. However, there is no dearth of places to visit, chill and explore in Nizam’s city if one decides on exploring the fascinating beauty that Hyderabad is.


Image source: THINK Global School/Flickr