6 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the Mobile Technology

Posted by Hemendra Singh
April 16, 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has created a great impact on human interaction with machines and devices. Whether it is Travel, Utility, Advertisement, Machinery or Telecom industry, AI has enhanced the customers experience greatly. Moreover, AI has made the decision-making faster and precise by assimilating enormous volume of information.

Artificial Intelligence is more than a smart technology, as it brings boo to the existing and emerging technologies especially in Telecom, Technology and Media industry. Looking at the influxion in the new technologies like Virtual Assistance, Self-Driving Cars, Chatbots, etc., there will be soon an incredible flow of technologies that can be imagined only in sci-fi movies.

In 2018, we will witness a significant transformation in many industries as they will opt for AI to improvise their services. The changes that AI will bring to the mobile industry are given below:

  • Chatbots: Ever since the evolution of the chatbots came into the market, it has greatly increased the user’s satisfaction. It is one of the best application-based on AI making a bridge between businesses and customers.

The Chatbots are offering customers an impressive conversation experience as they support customers 24×7. They can communicate with multiple users at one time. Moreover, each time they interact with a user, it becomes an experience for the next one because they improve their query response with each conversation.

  • Empowering Search Experience: AI introduces to users a new way to search via images and voice, unlike text mode. Because of the involvement of AI in mobile applications, it becomes a must for the developers to develop image recognition system and voice recognition system. Also, it provides app localization in order to enhance the conversation rate of your app.
  • AI+IoT: Let your device communicate with each other. AI is making drastic changes by collecting the real-time data and processing that data, so that devices learn on their own. Thus, AI helping mobile apps to learn and improvise with every information that is exchanged among the devices and then take necessary action.

Thus, AI with IoT will improve the overall experience of a user to use their Smartphone smartly and make a hassle-free interaction with other devices.

  • Personalised App: AI changed the definition of ‘what it means to have personalized apps’. Many mobile app development companies are incorporating AI into mobile apps to provide location-based searches to the users.

Also, AI collects data-oriented around the user’s purchase history and compile them with the other data that is obtained from online traffic, mobile devices, etc. This compiled data is then used to analyze user’s behavior and let brands to take necessary action to enhance the user-engagement rate.

Thus, the users can leverage the benefits of AI-empowered applications to get personalized results which will reduce their scrolling time and let them explore more products and services.

  • High App Authentification: AI holds a bigger responsibility when we talk about cybersecurity. With the growing technologies and the usage of mobile, we need an advanced level of data security. While developing mobile apps, security is the biggest concern for a mobile app developer. AI has comparatively reduced the security issues by alerting the user about probable threat and vulnerability by analyzing the user behavior.

With the help of Machine learning and Predictive Analysis,  you can predict the threats that may arise in the future and also suggest you methods to improve that by illustrating the loopholes in the code or development process.

  • Building App Marketing: For marketing, marketers need to collect and maintain huge chunks of data online and offline. This causes the reckless amount of time and hard work as maintaining each customer information is a tough task to do when you are dealing with a million or more customers.

AI-powered apps and devices help in researching and analyzing market and user purchase journey. Thus, it enables to gather all the data and eliminates maximum errors. It is expected that by 2020, almost 30% of the companies will use AI technology to enhance their sales. AI will help the businesses to make better marketing strategies to increase their sales and user-engagement rate.


Wrapping Up

Seeing the progressive growth of the AI in today’s time, it can be depicted that there is a clear emphasis on the influencers and advertisements that are using micro-targeting to expand their reach.

AI will soon be incorporated with 5G smartphones, that means the users can leverage complete benefits of AI that has the potential to collect, store, and process real-time data. AI also gives an advanced personalized experience, thus, businesses will surely take advantage of this technology to grow their business and increase their ROI. The future is going to more smart for smartphones with AI and surely mobile economy will grow tremendously with time.