72nd year of independence: still fighting for our own existence.

Posted by Akriti
April 16, 2018

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It seems funny that how we Girls are trained right from the childhood,to wear less revealing dresses,to never be good friends with boys,otherwise what worse could happen,they will RAPE you? Okay now that you are a rape victim..be silent ,its a long fight and you cannot win..ultimately,you are the one who would be frowned upon by the society..and after that demon will be free,roaming..and you my Girl..forget all that and move on..Do girls really live their lives here? You think?

Reality-We are not independent,YET.

Hearing Asifa case gave me chills.An 8 year old girl?Now what was she doing ,was she so revealing that 4 all grown up men who already are fathers and brothers could not control their testosterone levels… I pity such men actually,that how much difficult it is for them to control their sexual desires.Poor lads,the only way out after they get arosed is to rape the innocent.She in no way deserves a candle march or long petty tweets. The right justice to her humiliation that those demons should be hanged without even listening a word out of them.Death of those men is what will serve right to Asifa.

Just one strong decision by the government and problem would be half way solved,but what is taking so long? Does giving a rapist the right punishment is so damn difficult and how long will women fight for their own existence?POLITICS people POLITICS!…Here politics rules and every single citizen is a prisoner.

Coming back,the ones who actually need training are the MEN .. In my entire life I have never witnessed a parent teaching their son,when going out to behave properly, to be a nice guy,to respect women?Never. Aren’t these the most important lessons a boy must be taught.They need to be trained not only by the teachers but by the parents to treat their sisters,mother,girl classmates etc. nicely ,they see discrimination between a girl and a boy right from the beginning at their own home,and eventually their minds tend to think that they are superior.

“The greatest thing a father can do to his children,is to love and respect their mother”

This truly is the most important thing a father can do for his children. What happens inside our homes at the first place,shape our minds like nothing will ever do.

So,no matter how hard we try to figure out the reason behind the increasing rape cases..the reason remains the same and it will be the same after 10,000 years. The reason happens to be that women,in our country are seen as weaker sex since the time immemorial who can be dominated,who can be overpowered,who can be humiliated,who can be used just for pleasure of the mighty MEN,who,right from the childhood is taught to be silent and ignore the humiliation they face in school,in colleges and where not.

WOMEN DON’T NEED EMPOWERMENT.We are empowered enough to tackle worst of the situations and have all what it takes to make a mark on this world.

Mentality of the society needs EMPOWERMENT.Dirty politics needs EMPOWERMENT.Our law needs EMPOWERMENT.

I want to be a part of the world ,and in no way I will stop hustling and fighting to create a place where “WOMEN  EMPOWERMENT”won’t be a topic of discussions and debate anymore.

The very day people will start looking at women  as equal sex ,newspaper headlines will change,MEN will change and that would be the day, People, when I will celebrate INDEPENDENCE DAY.


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