Meet The 86-Year-Old Woman From West Bengal Who’s Setting An Example Of Aging Gracefully

Posted by Sayani Das in Inspiration, Society
April 12, 2018

I am a young research scholar from Kolkata. I have worked in various communities in India concerning the health of the elderly. I found that older women are more vulnerable in our society, due to unpaid responsibilities and low savings. They always contribute to society in many ways – whether it is within their family, to their local community or to society. The elderly people in rural areas are more susceptible because the areas neither possess facilities nor have financial support as compared to their urban counterparts.

Upon each visit to a rural community, I was left with the question if these were good places where one could grow old.

Let’s meet this 86-year-old lady. Her toothless smile, grey hair and innocent look answers it all.

Anima Biswas is living in a village of West Bengal. She always enthusiastically speaks of her love for life and she is eager to prove that she can age well. Despite never having received a school education, her philosophy and struggle are truly inspirational. Her decisions to ‘age successfully’ led her to an independent life.

I found her a living example of how positive choices determine our wellness. We just need more awareness to do so.

I made a documentary on her to motivate the elderly population to lead healthy, physically-active and socially-engaged lives. I also made this documentary because I believe in health for all ages. And I am writing here to motivate you all to age happily, gracefully and successfully!

Watch the documentary to find out how the wisdom and awareness of an old lady can motivate the society to fulfil the goal of ‘swasth Bharat’ (healthy India).