An Open Letter To Prime Minister Modi: Where Is The Justice?

Posted by Bagish Mishra
April 14, 2018

Dear Prime Minister,

Sir, I’m a student of journalism. Like any other citizen of India, I also have some curiosities. The question I have is similar to what the entire nation wants to know. You call yourself the watchman of this holy land. Are you aware of what is happening under your nose? How the very ideology of Hindutva is hampering the pride of Hindus. The youth of this independent nation don’t want flags in their hands, neither bhagwa nor green. We do not want any more communal violence in the name of Allah and Ram. Why does India only suffer a halt in its legal procedures in the name of protests, why not any other developed nation?

Sir, Do you remember the brutal and horrific gang rape of Delhi? Her name was Jyoti. Her soul still asks for justice! While speaking with BBC, a 52-year-old helpless father Mohammad Yusuf stated that, “I know something horrible had happened to my girl.” She was just 8. She was missing in Rasana village of Jammu & Kashmir since 10th of January. On 17th January her mutilated body was found wearing the mark of gang rape. The biggest question of the era is – where is the justice?

Mr ‘Pradhan Sevak’, do you know the so-called Hindu Ekta Manch? Two of your BJP Minister from the state were present in the rally in the support of the accused. You call yourself ‘Pradhan Sevak’ and you gave the ‘slogan Beti Bachao Beti padhao’ but in reality how relevant is this slogan? Sir, we need “Educated India, Safe India”. Whatever happened in Kathua and Unnao, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh are the blot in the entire mankind. For fulfilling their lust people are destroying the pride of humanity. Please scrutinize over that. We have full credence over you.

A responsible Indian citizen