ASIFA (A Poem)

Posted by Basanta Nirola
April 13, 2018

she was an innocent bud

Who was getting bigger for many dreams,

But today she becomes just a news story

after knew This world that it could never be for her !

Imagine, how much she cried & screamed

When the brutality had passed over her !

Whether Khuda or Ishwar

to whom she called for help ?

But why we are taking this as serious?

When we have to forget this in the tea straws of the newspaper reading !

Rightly we give the slogan of “Beti Bachao aur Beti Padao”

But we keep the India’s daughter’s religion and caste

when inhumanity passed through her  !

We only speak in favour of her

when we can make political stunt!

Otherwise, who is Nirbhaya or Asifa?

Forget a few days after the Facebook status !

Can’t understand your pain Asifa

I falsely care about my religion!

Could not speak for the sake of your justice,

I’m afraid of people’s wrath

And I won’t waste my vote bank anywhere !

Just pray that there might be a Shaktimaan or Superman

Who can say, ” Go Out Asifa, there is safe to play” !!


(Rape crime exists because of a patriarchal, misogynistic culture that condones it, whether tacitly or explicitly, and because of widespread lawlessness that encourages it. What we need to do, & urgently, is two-pronged: systemic social change and legal reform.)