Being a Hindu in India

Posted by Anuj Sawadh
April 18, 2018

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Dear readers

I know what you are thinking what’s so special about being a Hindu in India. There are like 800 million of them. Every nook and corner you can find one.

Well this might be true there is one thing nobody talks or consider about being a Hindu means.

Being a Hindu today means that I am a survivor.

•A survivor from foreign invaders.

•A survivor of mass killings done by those invaders.

•A survivor of forced conversion done by other religion.

•A survivor of riots and hate mongering brought upon this country by biased politicians for vote banks and appeasement.

•A survivor of divide and rule policy.

•A survivor of partition of Bharat into India and Pakistan.

•A survivor of greed of one family to rule India unopposed (Yes I am talking about Gandhis).

•A survivor of arbitrary laws in my own country against me.

•A survivor of Exodus from my own land.

So as a Surviving Hindu in India is the reason that I get angry

•Whenever some 2bit politician or liberandu makes fun of my religion, customs of 1000 of years.

•Directly links my religion with henious crime like rape.

•When crimes against Hindus are white washed.

•When false cases are made against people just to malign Hindu religion.

•When a liberal, secular and peaceful religion like mine is systematically attacked and maligned for political brownie points.

The thing everybody misses about today’s Hindus is that they are the most tolerant breed in the whole world right now. They are living peacefully and in harmony with all the religion.

So why has suddenly some of them has started taking extreme views and actions well the reason is simple tolerance has a limit and now that limit has started to break and this break of limit is clearly visible to everyone. So it has become hard for Hindus to gulp down their anger. By testing the limits of Hindus temperment the politicians and biased media has broken them down to point that they can’t take it anymore so they have started to talk against the biased media and politicians who have bashed their religion far too long.

May I remind you Hindus tolerance is broken to the point that they are just speaking out loud. Making their point heard and their problems solved by using democratic power bested upon them by constitution of India.

As pointed out before Hindus are most tolerant and liberal people on this planet and they will never stoop to violence unless threatened.

~Anuj Sawadh

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