Bhai Taru Singh and 4 Life Lessons I Learnt from Him

Posted by Dakshpreet Singh
April 12, 2018

Most readers won’t be familiar with the name, Bhai Taru Singh but it’s a name that frequently appeared in stories my grandmother told me. The stories in which a lone saint stood against powerful rulers and won hearts of millions. A soldier who fought valiantly against great odds and never stopped believing in good.

I learnt a great deal from the saint soldier who lived in 18th century and want to share my lessons with everyone. So, here are the simple truths and lessons I learned from the Sikh legend who stood alone and fought during the troubled times when Mughals ruled India:

Help the needy

Bhai Taru Singh lived an exemplary life and had an unflinching belief in the teachings of Guru Sahib. His life was a true embodiment of principles enshrined in Gurbani. The events that led to his shaheedi were triggered when he extended a helping hand to a father whose daughter was kidnapped. Throughout his short life, Bhai Taru Singh Ji stood up for the poor, helpless, and needy. Having a kind heart is something that all of us should cultivate.

bhai taru singh ji

Believe in the supreme

It is said that belief can move mountains but very few in history had the courage to stick to their faith and resolve at time of adversity. Bhai Taru Singh Ji was told to save his life by accepting Islam but he remained a steadfast Sikh and followed Guru’s rehit to his last breath. His life story (wiki link) motivates our future generations to remain true to Sikh values and maintain an unflinching faith in the almighty.

Connect with inner self

Today, we are connected to technology but very much disconnected with our inner selves. This is the biggest reason of unhappiness and disillusionment in today’s youth. Studying the life of Bhai Taru Singh taught me how being connected to your inner self is critical to connect with the power that created us and this universe. I try my best to read Gurbani every day and meditate to gain a deeper understanding of life.

bhai taru singh


Face adversities gallantly

Sikhs have been sacrificing their lives for centuries to protect their beliefs and help the oppressed. While doing that, we never shied away from hardships. In fact, we bore them bravely and set an example for millions of follow. Bhai Taru Singh braved the torture of the atrocious Mughal emperor, Zakaria Khan with the name of Waheguru on his lips.

In our everyday life, all of us come across problems and are often sacred to face them. The life story of Bhai Taru Singh taught me that our life problems don’t stand a chance if we keep going.

We are familiar with names of great saints who lived in past but we rarely take time to leaf through the history to learn from them. Thankfully, technology is being put to use by directors like Sukhwinder Singh Vismaad for bringing alive the life story of warriors and saints who made sacrifices we cannot even imagine.

Bhai Taru Singh in 3D motion Animation movie

On 27 April, the 3D motion animation movie on Bhai Taru Singh will release globally and introduce the masses to the true saint and fearless warrior who set an example which is very much need to be retold in the modern world when apostasy is one the rise among Sikh Youth and compromising attitude to Sikh ethos is commonplace. Watch the trailer on Youtube.

bhai taru singh

Vismaad, and its cultural arm, Sikhville are the technology & animation brand behind animation film, and it has been producing content on Sikh history and values for many years now. Sahibzadey: A Saga of Valor & Sacrifice, The Rise of Khalsa, and Sundri: The Brave Kaur.

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