Amit Shah Fails To Garland Basaveshwara’s Statue While Yeddyurappa Succeeds

Posted by shakeel ahmad in Politics
April 20, 2018

“Nothing matters but the facts,” said Blake Edwards, American film-maker. The fact was that the aim of Yeddyurappa was perfect in garlanding the statue of Lord Basaveshwara. The BJP party president and the CM-candidate approached the Basaveshwara statue to seek his blessings in Bengaluru.

Both smiled and garlanded the decorated deity in their respective styles.

On account of the deity’s height, the BJP president Amit Shah mounted on the winch to place the wreath onto the idol’s neck. But his direct throw was not very accurate. His throw of the wreath from a certain distance did not exactly fit upon the deity’s neckline.

Missing the target, the garland fell down straight on the ground. While on the other hand, BS Yeddyurappa’s fling remained precise, accurate and well-timed. He was also in attendance to garland the deity.

The BJP chief would have been slightly disappointed but Yeddyurappa felt a whole lot stronger. His smile indicated that feeling at the moment.

What was worth noting was that they observed the garlanding exercise but none appeared to have spoken any word?

It can’t be denied that the Congress and the BJP are frantically aiming towards electoral triumph in the state. The main electoral fight is supposed to be witnessed between these two conflicting parties.