The Kathua Rape Shows We Are Living With Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing

Posted by Roshni Namole in Specials
April 18, 2018

We are living with wolves. Yes, wolves in sheep’s clothing! And what are we? We are sheep in wolves’ clothing. I can say that because we don’t give a damn about what is happening around us.

A rape, a murder, an acid attack – you want to know who the victims are? Women! Yes, women and girls and now a girl child too.

Fuck such nations and societies who don’t care about their daughters. I’m no longer proud of my country.

I can say that because we have reached a point of hopelessness and helplessness. I personally don’t expect any change because if they were concerned about their daughters, wives, sisters, mothers, etc, they would have taken a step to provide justice to the victims.

But I see no change, no efforts – they are just engaging in pointless discussions and then sleeping peacefully without giving a fuck about any of these issues.

An eight-year-old was raped – how ashamed I am to hear this! Shame on us and shame on humanity.

How heartless and cruel can people be? I know she wasn’t our relative – she may not have shared a bond with us – but she was a part of us. She was my younger sister – our younger sister – and the wolves devoured her – they tortured and raped her.

Nirbhaya, I’m sorry nothing has changed. You suffered and it seems we ignored it. Now the eight-year-old has suffered and we are ignoring this too.

We, as Indians, are sorry. There are those among us shameless enough to not care.

We have a number of political parties who fight over religions and cultures but when it comes to basic humanity, we sit in our houses safely and peacefully without any concern.

And I’m so sorry for being a part of this. We will fight and we will raise our so-called trembling voices. Those among us who are concerned will try to stop this.

There should be a law to punish such heartless, selfish and horrible wolves. If we can’t even ensure that, then shame on us as human beings.

We are sheep, we are scared! Scared of what? What happened in Kathua was the scariest thing a girl child could experience – being raped inside a temple. How pathetic and inhumane are those creatures who are protecting the rapists!

The rapists must be punished and if that doesn’t happen, we are left with only shame.

You may not be bothered about this now because it has nothing to do with your own family or friends but those wolves are still living among us. Tomorrow, someone close to your heart may be next.

So for the sake of humanity, sign this petition and raise your voice because if we don’t, then who will?

So let’s fight for our rights and punish these wolves who think, “Sab chalta hai (We can do anything).” We need to send them the message: “Ab nahi chalega (Not anymore).”