Communal Tensions Flare Up In Uttarakhand Over Fake Social Media Post

Posted by Harji Namdhari in Society
April 13, 2018

India has been the country whose glory lay in its diversity. However, as time has passed, hatred between communities seem to have increased due to various reasons like, for instance, societal hierarchies. This is often resulting in outbursts of anger, thereby leading to killings.

Daily, we get to hear news like a Dailt person being oppressed by upper caste people or people fighting in the name of religion. We know this is sometimes done just to incite the public, but still, we fall prey to rumours and kill our inner humanity.

This time, something similar happened on April 6 in Uttarakhand. The town of Agastyamuni (Rudraprayag district) was set ablaze after a fake post of a 10-year-old Hindu girl being raped by Muslims was circulated on Facebook. Right-wing groups targeted shops belonging to Muslims and burnt them down.

Mangesh Ghildiyal, the district magistrate of Rudraprayag, clarified that the video going viral was fake. It was a deliberately-planned mischief to fan Hindu-Muslim communal tensions.

Section 144 was imposed in Rudraprayag and till now, five people have been arrested. The police is looking for the person who made the Facebook post. But the whole incident shows how social media can be used to create communal tension, which can ultimately result in the loss of our humanity.