Child Abuse Starts With Our Ignorance

Posted by Amit Kumar
April 14, 2018

Just to rewind your mind before I start. Some time ago, an 8-month-old baby was raped in Delhi and just a few months back an 8-year-old child was brutally gang-raped for days in a temple and murdered in the Kathura district of India occupied Kashmir.

You might be thinking –  why should we post about it? Why do we need to talk about it? What’s our role in this? What Can We Do?

Maybe the answer lies here.

In India, child abuse is highly misunderstood. Most parents are unable to look beyond safety in terms of constant chaperonage. Child abuse can be in many forms – physical violence, sexual abuse, emotional neglect, malnutrition, discrimination & exploitation. The nation remains a mere spectator to all kinds of abuses a child suffers from.

We are living in the world where we can’t trust anyone, yes you heard right anyone including our friends and close relatives.
Daily we hear/ read all kinds of child abuse and child trafficking in print and in social media and think this is very barbaric and inhman.. and get busy in the mundane of life. We thank God our children are safe. But, how long?

Yes, it’s high time, do reflect and introspect.
“We can’t do everything but we can do #Something to avert this danger…”

And here’s that something:

Alert – Keep a strict vigil on every child in your surroundings. You should know where your child is and in whose company.
“Please don’t restrict them instead take these precautions only and help them in blooming.”

Report – Report all cases of suspected child abuse in your vicinity to the police, CHILDLINE, and the appropriate NGO.
“If you ignore the child who’s in need, then the next may be yours”.

Talk – Whenever you notice a frightened child and behaving differently. TALK to them don’t ask many questions. Make him/her comfortable. Else please approach the NGO volunteers working in that arena.

“Don’t hesitate to talk, maybe your one step can save a valuable life..”

Connect – voluntarily either spend some time weekly per your convince with children in your locality or join an NGO who runs a programme that aims at providing quality education to underprivileged children and educates them on their safety.

“Make them bold, self-reliant and aware of their surroundings..”

Promote – Support causes like child safety, child education, education for all and girl child campaigns through your family and friends.

“When you support this noble cause/campaign, your children will definitely follow your footsteps and have a better understanding.”

Make the world a better place free of fear and animosity…