Cinema can have tremendous influence in young,here are some colors of cinema.

Posted by Srishti Pandey
April 9, 2018

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           Indian Cinema has always been a field of varieties. From the late 90s to this era of technology, we have seen many changes in this field. From the department of production to the department of promotion and release, everything has evolved. But as we always say, change is the law of nature then why change in cinema will not be acceptable?

It is acceptable and accepted that is why Indian Cinema has reached the stage where it is making profits of thousand crores. Talking about bahubali and its two parts-the beginning and the conclusion make my words completely authentic. The film made the profit of two thousand crores, which is a remarkable success of SS Rajamoulli and Dharma productions along with the whole fraternity of Indian Cinema.


Cinema of India has also spread its leg across the world. Indian films like Bahubali are getting international acclamation. Pather Paanchalii(1955), Lagan(2001), 3 idiots(2009), Court(2014), Unfreedom(2014), Masaan(2014), Parched(2015) are also into this list .Along with the movies, Indian actors are also getting international appreciation. And, this time Priyanka Chopra is on the top of this string. After being Bollywood queen, her success got little higher when she received two consecutive People’s Choice Award. The list of Indian actors in Hollywood is followed by Irfan Khan, Anil Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai, Deepika Padukone, Ali Fazal and many more.

Cinema has created shining icons, their fans follow them like God. With some stars, their reel names are more popular than their real names. The reel names have given them a different identity. The great Amitabh Bachchan will always be Sehenshah of Bollywood.

Indian Cinema is soaring to the heights day by day, it is the result of evolution only. Cinema is said to be a mirror of society, so it is the duty of Cinema to divulge the real and unreal facts of society. Sometimes, in order to create a real picture, Cinema has to pass through multiple hurdles. Same happened with the movie ‘Udta Punjab’ which released last year. The movie focused on the rampant drug problem in Punjab but had to pass through a very common problem of Cinema ‘Kaitchi Chal Gayi’. Total 89 cuts were requested by CBFC. Mohalla assii, Kissa Kursi Ka, Lipstick under my burkha are also examples of censored films. Censor Board certifies the movie because they are shown on public platforms, movies having an excessive amount of violence, nudity, use of alcohols and drugs can’t be shown to every age group of audience. People have immense thoughts in this context. And this is a context for which debate will be always on. Whenever films like ‘Udta Punjab’ will come. The debate will start again.

Well with all the hard work and difficulties, India Cinema has successfully created the golden history of 100 years.Decades passed and decades will pass but surely India Cinema will always entertain us. Many more epochal centuries are there to come.

                                                               LONG LIVE INDIAN CINEMA


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