Cultural Bias

Posted by Freespirit
April 14, 2018

A lot is been written, discussed, and talked about the Kathua rape victim and what all should be done to the culprits. Even I was shaken completely when I first read about it and felt that the rapists should be the given the worst punishment possible. However, just as I was thinking about I realised that just by punishing them would all this stop? I am not saying that don’t punish them but will all this discrimination stop ever and if not then what should be done?? The bigger question was who is responsible for all this discrimination?

We all go out meet a lot of people including kids, and the first question we ask them is their name, age and what caste or religion they belong to. According that we then decide whether we can be good friends or just friends or not even that. Where did we learn all this from and is it worth carrying it forward was the question I asked myself. I could not answer it because my elders taught me that religion and caste are but my understanding says its wrong. So is my understanding right or my elders ?? The answer was my understanding was correct. Yes asking these questions and judging someone based on just their caste and religion is wrong. We all know this yet we follow all of it. We have to stop telling our kids that this is your religion, you have to worship this god, you have to eat this etc.  They are kids let them find their own religion, their own god, their own path. Teach them to respect each other, love and care for each other, be responsible for whatever they do in their lives; so that we don’t have any more rapes, murders, or any curfews and Bharat bands because of religion and caste.

Let us stand up by our slogan of UNITY IN DIVERSITY and make the future better for our future generation based on love, affection, care and equality.