Three Steps To Keep In Mind If You Face Harassment At Work

Posted by Arpana Lotiya in Society, Specials
April 20, 2018

A good job and a satisfying work culture add a sense of meaning to life. We invest half of our life in an office. After working long hours in the same place with the same people, they all become one’s extended family. Considering this, we all have the right to work in a safe and positive environment.

Apparently, when a candidate becomes an employee, office politics also becomes a part of one’s life. And unfortunately, there may not always be checks on harassment and abuse in some office spaces. Due to this, many of us can be at the receiving end of harassment at our workplace. Harassment can be in different forms like:

  • Discrimination and favouritism
  • Bullying
  • Verbal Abuse
  • Sexual harassment

It is saddening to know that a majority of the employees don’t even speak up about the indirect abuse they face. Maybe the fear of job security stops them, or maybe they do not know how to raise these concerns effectively. The first time you are exposed to such abuse, you might panic, be confused, or very scared. However, these are few things you can do:

1) Talk to the person: The first step can be to speak to the person and explain to them why their behaviour makes you uncomfortable. It is tough, I know, but perhaps, they did not realise what they were doing.

2) Ask for help: Speak to your reporting manager and explain your problems clearly to them. Your reporting manager should be in a position to help you. Do not worry, they will not judge your performance based on these grounds.

3) Seek help from an NGO if nothing else works: So, this would be the last case or option to opt for. However, if nothing works out, you should seek help from other organisations that ensure you are protected.

We all need to understand one thing – when a person is raising an issue, it for improvement and change for all. Today someone else has faced it, but tomorrow you might face it too. So, keep your heart strong and mind clear. Speak up against a problem and try to look for solutions.