dadaji toffee dona

Posted by Bhawna Duggar
April 16, 2018

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yes this is the sentence I heard today in the evening when I went for walk and made me to fall in love with walking at flyover in our town. these days there are numerous options for workout and there are many coming everyday to attract health conscious and fitness freak people everyday and I appreciate it with full heart and encouragement. I am also one of them who gets attracted to these options everyday and wants to try each one , I tried some also like aerobics, Zumba, yoga and enjoyed too. But today I realized again that nothing can beat frisk and brisk walk with friends or loved ones. After a long day of work whether at home or outside when our minds are continuously engaged and engrossed in managing things, taking a break and going for walk is the best thing that happens in day, where all negative energy gets dissipates in air and fresh positive oxygen is supplied to my brain. Every thing around me, makes me feel good and motivated, the people around me- the ones whom I am walking with. their company, exciting talks, gupshup, kids practicing skates or bicycling, their high energy and attempt to learn complete new and adventurous things for them made me believe that if you really wish to and is determined you can learn anything and everything in this world, just a strong will power and readiness to accept failure is the ingredients required. The aura and ambiance of evening time when sun has said goodbye gracefully but still its energy is prevailing in every organism and creatures is fantastic but today I noticed most beautiful part while walking, after long energetic and brisk walk when me and my friends were just relaxing there, one adorable dadaji came near to us and offered us toffees (parle-G) most yummy toffee that reminds us of our childhood days, his gesture of giving with a clear intention of spreading smiles is just too good to forget, and as soon as he moved forward, after each step a kid or adult comes in his path and asked “dadaji toffee dona” and his pocket was like aladin ka chirag, which consists of never ending toffees and like his pocket his heart is also filled with continuous supply of love which indirectly indicates that in return he wants the same that is LOVE and I realized that not only him but all our experienced elders wants the same from us and we miser people hesitates to give, so with this blog or post which is my first one, I request all my friends and myself too, to share love,love and love to all the elders around us.

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