Dark Realities Of Life

Posted by Munawar
April 12, 2018

Love whatever you are doing, just love it. If you are doing it just for the sake of societal acceptance or for that matter peer pressure, then your life is doomed. Don’t let people ruin it just because you couldn’t meet their expectations. How the heck do they matter? Where were they when you, only you collided head-on with the devils of life? It is you who invoked strength in darkest hours to counter those life-threatening forces! So how does their perspective matter? Listen to their chit-chat and if it comes conflicting then trash it away. Stop being a conformist, a compromise-ist.

Are materialistic possessions a real definer of one’s capabilities and achievements? Alexander was a great conqueror, so what? He perished, so did his humongous empire. Bill Gates is a billionaire, wouldn’t he die? What matters is how satisfied you are even if only hunger and desperation are staring at you. What counts, is you.

One has to be their own self or doom and gloom will haunt them. Life is about inner satisfaction, a feeling of deep contentment, a sensation that no materialistic badge can earn for you. It is quite simple to figure out the basic and fundamental cogs of life. There aren’t too many but their significance is Himalayan; life equals useless trash when these elements are missing. In our contemporary, advanced and custom-made plastic life, it is very hard to get hold of inner satisfaction. Basic and real instruments of life are missing: righteousness, truth, humanity, love, contentment are nowhere to be seen. Humans, programmed by unending desires, are changing the very course of living a satisfied life. It no longer is simple, life is being perpetually defined and portrayed as a basket that ought to hold as many commodities as it can: to the full.

Modern man is completely hijacked by the parasitic ideology of living a hedonistic life; life that is a figure reflecting materialistic dimensions, everywhere. This ideology rips apart his true self, his real individuality and installs a brand new identity there: an identity which is conformist, compromising, artificial and untrue.

The worst part is the normalization of the entire process; we no longer look back at our true selves. We are lost. We are parasitized by toxic thoughts, which keep on suctioning our strength that would have helped us get back on the track. Benefitted by this strange and horrifying relationship, the parasitic thoughts never kill us as it would be dangerous to our identity. So, they keep on feeding themselves and get bigger and bigger, while as the person falsely assumes that they are satisfied. No, the excitement is altogether an illusion, a finite and mortal experience. It dies down speedily and is never enough. The illusionary happiness comes in fractions, little crumbs which are too weak to last for eternity.