Dearest PM Modi, Can You Not Hear Us?

Posted by Manvi Singh
April 15, 2018

Dearest Modiji and his beloved BJP,

I don’t like you all. You know why? Because all of you are refusing to listen.

I wonder if you are able to hear the ones who reach out to you and your laws when they knock the doors of the court to receive justice. It isn’t about crimes like murder, or burglary but a heinous crime like “rape”. Oh yeah, right. I’m supposed to stay shush, right? It isn’t a word which needs to be said out loud, at least according to you people.

I know, you must be wondering how does this really concern you, or what makes me write this to you. But it’s because this “communal violence” continues to grow on your shoulders and very smartly, you stay out of it, like a bystander who knows nothing and does nothing.

Have you heard of your own appointed personnel? I wonder which law will protect us when the protectors of law have become devils themselves. But have you asked them, whether they’d be able to live a life of utter shame? Oh, but of course, they won’t face it because the news never brings out the name and identity of the doer but only the victim, isn’t it?

Under the shadow of communalism in our country, there have been no countrymen but only beasts who are ready to do or die in order to save their religion. Another thing which came to my mind is, how did your slogan of “Hindutva” become an excuse to justify and protect the wrong while waving the Indian National Flag? Something which used to be pure and washed with the blood of our brave soldiers is now washed in the blood of our dead daughter.

You know, it’s something about the way you are selectively attentive to things, had it been someone you’re close to, you would’ve known the pain.

We are also allowed to grow more inhuman, as inhuman as we can be, why? Because once everybody goes home, we’ll be the ones losing, not the ones who sit in chairs in debates. When there needs to be a new height to every low, like every rape victim doesn’t deserve to be hanged, he needs to be castrated and then be hanged.

The government, in fact, your own ministers have a reason to protect their saint-like rapists, isn’t it? But have you yet punished them? According to me, your development is limited to roads and buildings and trains, no matter if people stay dead or alive to use them.

The nation is bleeding saffron and there you are, with no concrete words, no bandage.

So, let’s just say, I know, all of it, the communalists, the Hindus, the Muslims, everyone, but at her time of need, did Allah come to help her in, or Lord Rama did? Probably we ain’t picking on sides anymore right, because that 8-year-old girl lost everything,


A Girl Scared of Rape.