Degrading Humanity In India

Posted by Kritika Kumari
April 14, 2018

It was 2012 when a brave daughter was raped and killed, everyone from all over the country started protesting to get justice for that brave woman, but an 8-year-old child was raped by three people which included a father-son duo and a special police officer. Including these few other policemen were accused who took a bribe to support them. The little girl was first kidnapped and drugged by the convicts who then raped her for days keeping her starved and lastly killed her by smashing her head with a rock.

After this heinous crime “Hindu Ekta Manch” rallies for the accused stating that the accused need to be defended as they belong to Hindu community. In addition to this, the Kathua bar association also supported these convicts and the lawyer representing the victim received threats.

Back then in 2012, there was a huge protest to get justice for Jyoti Singh where everyone from the media to politician started a protest. but in the current scenario, the incident was justified by religion and people forgot about the daughter who lost her life due to lust and evil thoughts of these monsters who wanted to scare the nomadic bakarwal community to which the victim belonged. The whole incident was set up and the conspiracy was cautiously planned by Sanji Ram one of the convicts.

The disheartening part of the incident was that these convicts were supported and their heinous crime was justified by political groups.

Once again the sad state of women’s safety in our country was revealed. In one hand our prime minister gives slogan Beti Bachao and runs campaign for women empowerment but on the other hand, some of the evil minds of our society implement “Balatkari Bachao”.

Humanity in India is slowly being lost with crimes being justified and given political and regional color boosting the morale of more anti-social elements. Strict laws should be made and those in charge need to make sure these laws are implemented and justice is served to the victim. We live in a country where women are worshipped and regarded as Laxmi, Goddess of wealth and prosperity and our streets are becoming unsafe day after day for them. In Unnao incident, the convict was defended as he belonged to the ruling party. In the Chandigarh incident, many politicians defended the convict Vikash Barala and the victim was slut-shamed by many. All these incidents present the degrading humanity in our country and we need to stop it, these incidents not only tarnish our country’s image globally but also hinders development. Justice system must be empowered and justice needs to be served and it’s among one of our basic rights as a citizen of India.