The Kathua And Unnao Rape Cases Beg The Question: Have We Lost Our Humanity?

It hasn’t been that long since Delhi hurdled through the streets to get justice for Nirbahaya, who was brutally raped and killed by some of the evils of our society. Back then, we all set out on a candle march protest. In the meantime, it took two years in a fast-track court to give the verdict against the accused and to provide justice for Nirbhaya.

There were many debates to make strict laws for such cases, but have we achieved what we were supposed to, so far? The answer is undoubtedly ‘no’. We have not achieved anything; we have also not learned anything from the Nirbhaya case.

The cases in Unnao and Kathua may seem to be similar, but they are quite different – different in the sense that both the cases show us the different forms of the unique inhuman nature of the society. While talking with my friends, I came to know about the truth of the Kathua rape case – that it was just done with a motive to eliminate the girl’s community from the village. The question that arises here is this: what wrong had the girl or the community done? Have we all lost our humanity?

Now, if we talk about the Unnao rape case, I would like to say that the girl was not only raped physically, but also by our administration and the government, figuratively. It takes nearly one year to lodge an FIR and to arrest the accused, that too only when the case was transferred to the CBI. It must have been unbearable for her to knock from door to door, begging for justice.

In my opinion, a law must also be introduced for those who make nonsensical, ridiculous and irresponsible statements to the media. I also heard a statement by an MLA that a mother of three cannot be raped. This is simply ridiculous! To those people who indulge in or support these activities, I would ask them to please stop. Otherwise, a time will come when they will have to pay much more than the others, because at that time, you won’t be able to retaliate in the face of people’s anger.


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If you are a survivor, parent or guardian who wants to seek help for child sexual abuse, or know someone who might, you can dial 1098 for CHILDLINE (a 24-hour national helpline) or email them at You can also call NGO Arpan on their helpline 091-98190-86444, for counselling support.