Engenius Access Point Outdoor Solutions for All Your Connectivity Challenges

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April 17, 2018

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There is no doubt that enormous strides have been made in internet connectivity especially Wi-Fi technology.  Homes fitted with Wi-Fi routers and sometimes Wi-Fi range extenders are common these days to meet the increasing connectivity needs. Despite the advancements, people still face challenges concerning stability, speeds and range which Engenius access point outdoor solutions have addressed to a large extent.

Outdoor Access Points are less crowded

The more common places that experience connectivity challenges are large business premises, large offices, and stadiums among others. Such premises can benefit greatly from outdoor access points which make it possible to create a wireless local network and project the signal to the desired area. The strength of outdoor access points lies in the fact that they utilize the less crowded 4.9GHz band unlike most Wi-Fi routers found in homes and small offices. On the other hand, the outdoor access points cover a wide range in addition to faster speeds.

The importance of internet connectivity is clear to all and sundry. In fact, very large proportions of people with internet enabled devices spend their free time ‘working’, surfing and downloading. That demonstrates the love people have for network connectivity. Wi-Fi has been used widely as a promotional tool especially in the hospitality industry. This is because customers tend to remember good connectivity experiences. Outdoor access points give a competitive advantage to facilities as they ensure stability connections in a wide area.

Used To Enhance Security

Access points have been widely used to shore up security of premises. They have ability to enhance the performance of video surveillance for higher quality recordings as well as enabling remote access of the cameras. The stronger network makes it possible for managers to remotely supervise activities with ease. 

Increases Productivity

Another advantage of outdoor access points is that company workers can work outside the work station. They only need to remain within range of connectivity. This means that employees can quickly respond to urgent mails on their devices and send big data documents from the restaurant adjacent to the work station. Besides, the outdoor access points are easily set up in most places where you can run an Ethernet cable.

It is much easier to use outdoor access points compatible with power over Ethernet since you will not need an independent power line. For instance, Engenius Australia POE switches have built in power over Ethernet injections that allow the connection of IP cameras. They can also be used to connect other access points.


Perhaps you will need to determine your particular outdoor access point needs well in advance. This is because they can be optimized to perform differently such as on gaming consoles, or on personal computers among others.


Do you desire fast internet speeds, wider range connectivity that enables you to browse ad stream videos without much hassle? Mia Distribution is your ideal one-stop-shop for addressing many connectivity issues such as those provided by Engenius access point outdoor solutions. The advantage with the access point outdoor solutions is that you have more stability in wider ranges of connection. Besides, Engenius switches allow for connection with surveillance cameras and can be used to connect other outdoor access points.

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