Faults in our education system

Posted by Arqam Waheedi
April 12, 2018

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  • For the last few days the leak of maths and economics papers in the board exams have been making rounds in the media. CBSE announced a retest of these subjects to make up for the leaked ones. This decision sparked great anger among the students as they have to go through the same ordeal of revision. It’s very disappointing to know that a national board has been so irresponsible in conducting such important exams. But this is just one of a large number of faults in our education system.                       Some years back we were introduced to CCE pattern. The whole teaching structure was reformed. But it was also withdrawn because of different policies of changed government. Such frequent changes in the teaching structure makes the students vulnerable to lower understanding of the subjects.        One of the major drawbacks associated with our education system is that it values marks more than learning. As a result it has failed tremendously in inculcating the kind of creativity in the students which the modern world demands. The purpose of education is to replace empty minds with open ones . But that hardly seems to be the motto. Our students are way back when compared to their foreign counterparts in terms of intellectuality.                                       What is the validity of an education system with such inherent demerits, in front of reputed institutions who craves for completely developed youngsters. It’s time our leaders draw lessons from developed countries or else India will be left behind in the race with time.

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