Do These Things If Your Company Fires You Without Prior Notice

Posted by Arpana Lotiya in Specials
April 20, 2018

Right after our education, the next move we make in life is to secure a job. We dedicate not only our hard work towards the job but also the company. Or I can say, the company becomes part of our extended family and in taking care of them, we often forget our own family and ourselves.

There is nothing wrong in giving 100% to your work but bearing the unwanted behaviour from the company should not be acceptable. The legend Dr APJ Abdul Kalam once said: “Love your job but don’t love your company, because you may not know when your company stops loving you.” I strongly believe his words.

There might be days when an employee is told to leave the company for no valid reason. While it is their company and they hold the right to make all decisions, as an employee, you too hold some rights in the company.

This article tells about what to do when you as an employee is told to leave the company immediately without prior notice or warning, with only non-performance as a reason:

1) Meeting with HR – So the HR manager is normally the person who coveys the decision made by the management to you. Try and stay calm and ask them for a reason.

2) A just reason for termination – No matter which company you work with, they will have to give a valid justification for your termination. When they fail to do so, send them an official email asking for the reason.

3) Claim compensation –  When a company informs you to leave without any notice, ask them to pay you the compensation as per your notice period. For e.g., if your company has a notice period of 2 months, then they are required to pay you compensation for 2 months.

4) Collect the relieving letter – Don’t forget to collect the relieving letter from the company. Usually, companies do provide this on their own, but in case they don’t, you should definitely ask for it.

5) Keep email records – It is best to keep a record of all official conversations on email so that they can be used as proof in the case of wrongful termination.

6) Legal action – If your company does not agree to pay you compensation or provide you with a relieving letter, do not give up. You can file a case against the company under the Labor Law. You can also seek advice from lawyers over the internet if you don’t know one personally. There are also privately owned organisations who help you to win your right. Contact them.

As mentioned earlier, the moment you’re fired can be disturbing but you will need to overcome everything and fight for your right. Your friends and family might tell you to forget the matter but believe in yourself and do not accept guilt for something you didn’t do. Fight until you get justice.

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