Hinduism and kathua rape case

Posted by Aayushi Shreya
April 14, 2018

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Almost every youth of the country is agitated and is standing strongly against the dreadful thing that happend to a little 8 year old girl. However any crime in this country has its own bunch of crazy supporters. This time short clothes, boyfriend or late night outing could not have been blamed so religion became the soft target. Now to those who think Hinduism has any thing that prevents such beasts from punishment, let me remind you that Hinduism is more of a practice than religion. Just by taking birth in a hindu family does not make you hindu. If you are taking support of the name of a religion, first understand what its teachings are. Hinduism teaches karma, dharma, tyag, sathya. Hinduism strongly stands by the statement of a person should get back what he gives. Whatever grief and pain that little girl suffered should come back to the culprits. I know this very well no punishment can make them suffer the same but something is always better than nothing. Hinduism does not teach us to differentiate when its comes to justice. Each and  every human should be weighed on the same scale of justice, no matter who and from where the person is. Hinduism has always sculpted women as the figure of power and wisdom that should be respected and treated as ‘Devi’, the incarnation of all the gods, meant to be cherished and loved. Hinduism teaches that every girl is an avatar of Maa Durga no matter in which family is she born. You must have never seen a priest asking girls their religion before inviting them for kumari bhojan after devi puja. If we are taught not to differentiate on whose daughter, or which community does that girl belongs while worshipping how can we forget it was not just an eight year old that was raped, it was our devi in the face of a little girl who was tortured to all unimaginable extent.

Even after all these if anyone still believes that the accused in this case deserves to be set free than mind my words no kashmiri bramhin rape victims deserves any sympathy justice as well

-An article by a true Hindu Brahman

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