How Not To Become A Rapist by Nandan Gautam

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April 12, 2018

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What do you mean when you say, “I respect you?” Go ahead take 10 seconds; you admire one’s qualities, skills, achievements, and then you have the due regards for their feelings.  Do you actually care what other people think about you, unless or until they meet you face to face? Maybe sometimes or maybe never. But at any given time you would tell a complete stranger that you respect them. Why? In order to get their attention and put a thought in their mind that you were the bigger person or first one to acknowledge their skills or whatever you liked about them and thinking that now the second person is bound to respect you back as a social obligation. I am not talking about all of you but “some” of you. Maybe one of you, the one who seeks respect, as if it is an office lunch on the daily basis without which you will collapse on your way to home.  This seven letter word “RESPECT” is the hardest thing to achieve in this world. You can’t buy it, neither can you steal it, moreover, sometimes you won’t even realize that you have it already… respect. But people who seek it, demand it, have a serious brain condition, some even call it ADHD—Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and other personality disorders. It is okay if someone respects you; it is also okay if that very person disrespects you; what is not okay is your desire to be respected by that very particular person. My friend, life is too short for figuring out how many people respect you, it is all about why do they respect you, and if you know the reason please maintain that quality in you because you are inspiring others for that very quality now and people would love to adopt that quality. And at the last, I would just say pay respect with actions, not with words.

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